Expanding Your MSP Business: Offering 3 Essential Customer Solutions

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in the new decade. As you look at your company’s wins and losses, you may be looking for some MSP solutions on how you can expand. MSPs looking to grow in 2020 and beyond should consider providing communication tools like SIP Trunking, UCaaS, and Cloud Contact Center to increase monthly recurring revenues.

Why these services? Because the cloud communication market is expected to triple in the next 5 years – reaching $167 billion by 2025. This a lucrative revenue opportunity for MSPs ready to claim their share of the market.

Here are three communication solutions that bring the most success to an MSP:

SIP Trunking

As more businesses move away from traditional phone systems due to high costs and lack of flexibility, NUSO SIP Trunking provides the smart alternative. With our SIP Trunking, your customers receive a high-quality phone system, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional set-up.

Session Initial Protocol, also known as SIP Trunking, saves customers money by providing dial tone and telephone lines to an existing on-premise PBX system via the Internet.

This provides significant benefits to companies all of sizes including:

  • Affordable – Your customers can save up to 70% on their phone bill with NUSO SIP.
  • Mobility – With NUSO, your customers can call or text from their desktop or mobile device. This lets teams work anywhere.
  • Feature-Rich – SIP phones have all the same features as traditional business phone like Auto-Attendant and Call Routing, but also provides additional tools like Voicemail-to-Email and Video Conferencing.

In today’s workplace, most employees don’t work exclusively at their desk. Some work from home a few days a week, others don’t come into the main office at all. This practice is becoming more than a trend. 50% of the U.S workforce will soon be remote, and SIP Trunking makes workplace flexibility possible. Telework is the way employees want to work, and the good news is, remote work increases productivity and job satisfaction.

NUSO MSP Solutions supports this growing model by delivering a consistent user experience through SIP Trunking. No matter where your customer decides to work and make calls, our business phone system is optimized for use across devices and network environments.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

NUSO UCaaS combines Voice, Chat, Business Text, Video/Audio Conferencing, and Mobility all under one platform. Instead of your customers constantly switching back and forth between different communication programs, everything is conveniently housed under one system. The benefits of a UC system are similar to switching to SIP Trunking: cost-savings, flexibility, and a future-proof solution ready to evolve for new digital environments.

Business is changing. As more companies expand globally and allow employees work remote, you can give your clients the tools they need to communicate efficiently.

Let’s look at an office communication classic – email. While the information in emails is easily archived and searched, it is one of the top miscommunication offenders. Important cues like tone, context, and eye contact are lost, leading to confusion and even offense.

For example, you’re rushing to complete a presentation before a deadline. While you’re wrapping up the final draft, a customer frantically emails a laundry list of questions about their project. You quickly fire back a one-word reply. Your response causes your customer to seethe, as they read your brevity as rudeness. They decide to move their business to a different company.

Now, let’s look at this situation with UCaaS in play. Instead of relying on email as your primary contact method, you schedule regular video meetings with your client to better keep them in the loop. Video conferencing creates more engagement, leading to improved relationships and better communication.

Here are more NUSO UCaaS benefits:

  • Increases Productivity – UCaaS tools like instant messaging, screen sharing, and video collaboration boost productivity and reduce miscommunications.
  • Built for Each Unique Business – NUSO’s UCaaS platform is simple – Your customers only pay for how many seats they need.
  • Unified Experience – Bring together your customer’s communication systems. No more paying for different platforms like instant chat or video from multiple companies – everything is in one system with easy monthly billing.
  • Simple Installation – We can do the heavy lifting and get your customers set up quickly.

These key benefits provide MSPs the opportunity to boost their customers’ communication and overall business effectiveness.

Contact Center as a Service

NUSO CCaaS is a cloud-based solution designed to create a cross-channel customer service experience. Our CCaaS offerings connects phone, online chat, SMS, and email all in one system.

Even if your customers aren’t large call centers, they can still benefit from features like Intelligent Call Routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Real-Time/Historical Reports, and Call Analytics.

These tools let businesses of all sizes better monitor daily business operations for continuous improvement.

Whether your team has 10 or 10,000, NUSO CCaaS helps SMB and enterprises grow their business by connecting every contact point:

For SMB – A small dentist office wants to track the amount and nature of incoming calls – CCaaS provides call tracking with online dashboards to see what calls ended in scheduled appointments.

For Enterprises- A large credit union with 20 branch locations wants to centralize their customer service processes and integrate their current CRM – CCaaS can automate simple banking requests through IVR and simplify data management.

Growing companies wanting to improve their customer experience and build a holistic framework for better service – CCaaS provides the advanced analytics to specific insights into the customer journey.

Give Your Clients the Competitive Advantage with NUSO

As 2020 gets closer, now is the time to review your portfolio for new opportunities. NUSO offers all these solutions to provide to your customers.

Cloud solutions are no longer the future; they’re here now. Is your business ready to meet the customer demand? NUSO is built for partners, and we’re here to empower you with the resources you need.

Schedule your demo online or give us a call at 844-438-NUSO (6876).