Call recording is a simple, cost-effective way your organization can improve customer satisfaction, team performance, and business operations. This cloud-based phone feature gives you valuable insight and data into how your team communicates with customers.

As part of our UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) suite, NUSO Call Recording can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.

In addition, our call services include on-demand recording with an instant start/stop option to only capture portions of the call.

You can listen to these calls, share recordings, and use this information to improve internal processes.

Let’s take a deep dive into how this simple, but robust tool can work for your organization:

  1. Improved Team Training & Quality Control

This feature improves quality control and strengthens your organization’s training program with real data. Call recording lets you evaluate your employee’s performance by listening to all calls, and helps your staff better understand how to communicate with customers.

Without call recording, supervisors must hover over call reps’ shoulders to listen in real-time or skip listening to calls completely. This motivates employees to provide great customer service at all times.

For example, Ronnie’s Car Rental uses a standard script when talking to customers about reserving a car. However, customers have complained there has been miscommunication on how the process works.

The owner of the shop has decided to use NUSO Call Recording to get to the bottom of the issue. After listening to calls over the past month, the owner discovers some of his newer reps are not clearly explaining the rental process such as pick up and drop off times.

With this information, Rental Shop management creates an improved script with more details on pick up windows and necessary paperwork. Customers have a better understanding of the process, and this cuts back on frustration from both sides. The recording of calls gave management insight into the customer/agent disconnect and provided a way to mend the gap.

Without Call Recording, Ronnie’s Car Rental customers would remain in the dark about their rental details, and the staff would be in the dark over the problem source.

Over time, this dissatisfaction would lead to less reservations and new business. Call Recording gives organizations critical understanding into the customer experience.

  1. Captures Missed Details

Active listening is an essential customer service skill. However, there are times when your team misses call details due to background noise. This ensures all important details are captured and allows for your employees to listen to calls as many times as necessary.

To give you a better idea, let’s look at Midtown Stationary. This office supply business focuses on serving large companies. A customer calls the receptionist with an order, “I’m calling in 6 dozen ten packs of number 2 pencils, 9 dozen eight packs of personalized ballpoint pens, and 1000 reams of copy paper sent to two locations.” 

This complicated order would be difficult to get right without repeating the items several times. Fortunately, call recording captures every detail so your agent can focus on providing great service.

  1. Help Your Sales & Marketing Teams

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Call recording helps measure your sales and marketing campaigns’ success.

With call recording, sales teams can analyze past calls, create best practices, and actively engage in department improvements. As sales teams listen to successful phone calls, they can improve their current strategies based on positive contacts. Teams listening to rejection calls can learn what areas to improve and save opportunities.

Marketing campaigns also benefit from call recording. Listening to calls lets you know what strategies are effective and ensures marketing dollars are driving the right kind of traffic.

  1. Liability & Reputation Management

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers still prefer phone calls over text or online chats. In fact, the pendulum is swinging back towards more human contact and engagement.

But digital communication channels have built-in protection from lawsuits or bad social media reviews. Without call recording, you could be putting your organization at risk when a disagreement or misunderstanding arises.

Call recording helps maintain your reputation and avoid costly litigation by keeping a clear record of what, who, why, and when.

Sometimes even with the best service, a customer can be unhappy with your company experience. One disgruntled customer can damage your reputation through social media or start a lawsuit. Poor online reviews and ligation can lower company morale, stagnate new business, and slow overall business growth. If you are worried about these risks, it’s time to start using call recording.

  1. Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Call recording helps you stay current on legal requirements like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations. If your organization accepts credit or debit payments over the phone, you should follow PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

This regulation designates order recording systems pause and resume calls to omit sensitive data. Call Recording helps you stay compliant with these requirements and avoid fines.

NUSO Call Recording includes advanced features like authentication levels to make sure only the right employees have access, file encryption, and file watermarking to ensure authenticity.

Also, be sure to remember:

Laws for call recording vary depending on state. Be sure to check your local laws on if all parties need to give their consent or be notified about call recording.

How VoIP and Call Recording Can Help Your Business

A VoIP business phone system provides a wide range of features like call recording. This feature can benefit your business by improving customer relations, empower teams, and protect your organization from liabilities.

Let NUSO become your communications partner, and see how our easy, affordable services can accelerate your business.