Microsoft Teams + NUSO Cloud Communications

By integrating phone systems into Microsoft Teams, organizations and businesses of all sizes can simplify operations and boost productivity without sacrificing any of the calling capabilities they’re used to. With hybrid, or distributed workforces, these benefits are particularly valuable, removing the need to switch between applications and different communications channels. This effectively makes every Microsoft Teams-capable device, or endpoint, a centralized communications hub.

the nuso bridge logoNUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams takes the world’s most popular business collaboration platform, estimated at 270 million users, and enhances it with feature-rich telephone systems. Voip calls, UCaaS platforms, individual PBXs, and messaging (SMS/MMS) can be integrated into the Microsoft Teams™ platform. Calling and messaging with people outside a Microsoft Teams ecosystem can be done without switching applications and interfaces.


5 Benefits of NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams

Simplicity:  One App for ALL Communications


By integrating all communications into Microsoft Teams, regardless of the existing telephone system – PBX, SIP Trunk, UCaaS – it becomes the single application, or interface, for users to communicate and collaborate, instead of receiving notifications and messages on multiple devices and platforms.

NUSO Bridge lets users keep the communication tools and UCaaS features every business needs.

  • Voice​
  • Contact Center​
  • Messaging​

These telephone services are combined with all the collaboration tools of Microsoft Teams in a single application.

An Extra Layer of Redundancy Protection

an umbrella and some boxes are in the rainIf Microsoft Teams loses connectivity, NUSO Bridge continues to enable voice calls and messaging. Business isn’t always “business as usual.” Sometimes, things go wrong – employees don’t show up, PBXs fail, or fraudsters override network settings for nefarious reasons.

The NUSO Cloud Communications network features four layers of protection against system outages: Geographic, Network, Outbound Calling, and Inbound Calling redundancy. Only NUSO includes a solution for local, inbound voice service impairments in the PSTN. 

NUSOflex incorporates machine learning to anticipate and provide automatic network redundancy for local inbound calls, no matter the origin of the call. Anticipating and mitigating issues, the solution quickly reroutes communications to avoid impairments. This results in minimal disruption to business operations, making it a reliable choice for any organization or business, regardless of size.

More Cost-Effective than Native Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

A basic phone plan always looks like a bargain at first glance. Begin analyzing it for typical business purposes and that bargain price begins to inflate. Adding feature-rich services like call forwarding, call recording, cloud voicemail, international calling, mobile capabilities, integrations with popular CRMs and productivity tools quickly begin to add up.

Ultimately, the question becomes simple: keep what you know, voice and messaging services already in use with employees, or rip and replace the entire phone system. The math supports maintaining the phone services already in place and integrating them into the Microsoft Teams platform.

White Glove Service & Support

NUSO focuses on delivering frictionless, full-stack cloud communications, with a robust carrier network and transparent White Glove customer service. NUSO looks beyond the goal of simply signing contracts, shipping phones, and transiting voice minutes. Responsive 24/7 U.S. based White Glove customer service and support is a core company objective.

Stop Switching Between Apps to Communicate​

Unify and simplify communications into a single platform. Stop switching between apps to communicate and collaborate. Get connected and stay connected with feature-rich Voice and Messaging seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

  • Accelerate Value​
  • Accelerate Productivity​
  • Enable Agility

NUSO Bridge for Voice and Messaging

Adding voice calling and messaging to a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams, particularly for remote workforces, can save time and money. This strategy can reduce, or even eliminate, the expense of additional hardware, traditional long-distance charges, and travel. It unifies and simplifies a business’ communications system, an especially valuable proposition for SMEs on a budget.

With remote and hybrid workforces becoming commonplace, tools like Microsoft Teams are now essential for effective collaboration and communication. Adding reliable, feature-rich voice calling and messaging services to Microsoft Teams with NUSO Bridge can be a game-changer for any sized organization or business.

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