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5 Reasons MSPs Love NUSO

NUSO works with MSPs to supply cloud communications knowledge, telecom technology, and support structure. Here are 5 reasons MSPs love NUSO!

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) shoulder a lot of work on behalf of their end user clients – from vetting IT configuration and implementations, managing telecommunications requirements, ensuring hardware compatibility, proposing security solutions, mitigating risk, and more. MSPs are looking for reliable partners to assist or even assume some of that responsibility. Nobody wants to add “manage a difficult or unresponsive cloud communications provider” to their to-do list. 

NUSO has always been channel focused, creating its support organizations and cloud communications products with MSPs in mind. Here are just 5 of the reasons MSPs have told us why they love working with NUSO.

The 5 Reasons MSPs Love NUSO

NUSO Voted Best Revenue Booster 2023

Increased Revenue + Real Margin

MSPs can make more money when partnering with NUSO. Because NUSO does not publish pricing, MSPs have the ability to set their rates (making more revenue, more margin) to best suit their business and customers. The NUSO Management Portal provides real-time commissions data so our Partners can see how much money they’re making – whether they want extra motivation with their morning coffee or reassurance before a good night’s sleep.

Support Teams Are Built to Support the Partner

NUSO is channel focused. Having been channel focused throughout our history, we take pride in the account structure we’ve created to support our Partners. Each Partner is assigned a Dedicated Channel Account Manager. NUSO Partners are backed by 24/7 U.S. based technical support, and billing teams who answer the phone

If end users reach out to NUSO directly, we make sure our MSP Partner is kept in the loop in case they want to follow up with their customer directly. If the MSP would prefer NUSO manage the support issue directly, we do that, too. We let the MSP design the support structure that works best for their business.

Technical Sales Assistance

NUSO’s sales team functions not only as the salesperson, but also as the Sales Engineer and Sales Strategist to the benefit of our Partners. Our sales teams are industry trained, with a technical understanding of NUSO’s suite of communications products and services. Because of their industry knowledge, they can help identify what solutions end users may need or want, based on the demands of their specific organization and industry. We partner with our MSPs, working as an extension of the MSP sales arm, to close more deals and support more accounts as well as provide recommendations based on direct experience. 

NUSO’s extensive selection of Partner tools give MSPs the ability to co-brand product collateral, marketing content, and sales quotes real-time, without waiting for NUSO to manually intervene. However, if an MSP wants NUSO to take part in a demo of the process and ensure NUSO and the MSP are putting their collective best foot forward, we do that, too.

NUSO’s Carrier Status Gives NUSO and MSPs More Control

Sometimes, when choosing a vendor, having one hand to shake is important. Other times, bundling products and services through a single provider with zero network visibility can feel more like partnering with a single throat to choke. 

NUSO is not a middleman. As a certified carrier we own our own phone numbers and manage our own networks. There is also the consideration of regulations and rules that a carrier must abide by. NUSO knows how to navigate the carrier ecosystem on your behalf. We are not just reselling another telephony carrier.

A Partner, Not a Competitor

NUSO SIP Trunking Partner - Woman with long brown hair in navy blue blazer with arms crossed smiling at the camera with green background When approached by potential SMB customers, NUSO directs the prospect to an Authorized NUSO Partner. As a Partner-centric company, NUSO is dedicated to empowering our Managed Service Provider Partners with optimum products and services combined with reliable and responsive technical support. We are ONLY successful when our MSPs are successful!


A Reliable, Responsive Telecom Partner

Partnerships are based on mutual advantage. No sensible business wants to partner with a liability or a company that is also a competitor. NUSO is built with Partner success top of mind, from sales and support teams, to our online portals. Be it UCaaS, CCaaS, and SIP Trunking or certified carrier services, NUSO is dedicated to streamlining your sales process, setting your own margins, and providing your customers with premium communications products and services.

If you’re looking for a telecommunications Partner, not just a vendor, give NUSO a call.

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