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5 Strategies for Success as a UCaaS Reseller

Today’s telecommunication services frequently look like a jigsaw puzzle. Along with providers and customers, there are the middlemen between the two: resellers and managed service providers (MSPs). Resellers and MSPs are often overlooked and frequently underrated. 

Whereas once resellers specialized in short-term CapEx models while MSPs specialized in OpEx services, today that line has significantly blurred, particularly in cloud communications services and support. Both resellers and MSPs offer Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions to end users. Cloud-based communication and collaboration technologies – such as audio, video, messaging, and collaboration tools – are the components typically bundled in a UCaaS communications solution. 

For resellers and MSPs, telecommunications technologies are rapidly evolving. The telephony landscape and market are in a constant state of change. Resellers and MSPs must have a deep understanding of existing and emerging technologies, as well as a firm grasp of the needs and preferences of their customers.

Here are five key strategies in the UCaaS market resellers and MPSs should embrace for success.

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Know Your Market 

Stand out from the competition by knowing something about the prospect or customer before you speak with them. Try to identify pain points and what their needs might entail. A basic understanding of the customer’s industry can provide insight into their needs. Considerations such as:

  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Location, or multi-location needs
  • E911 requirements
  • Redundancy needs

Reviewing the customer’s business before an initial conversation enables better communication and a faster sales process. In short, know your target market

Analyze what technologies they use, what designs and interfaces they would prefer, what processes would make their lives easier. Details about their industry and location immediately display an investment of time and care to prospects and customers. It’s also important to analyze the telecommunications market as a whole and identify competitors to be better able to position your company and differentiate your offerings.  

For every customer and prospect, create a clear and compelling statement that communicates the unique value proposition of your products and services. 

Leverage Technology 

a laptop computer with gears on top of itAs a UCaaS reseller or MSP, be sure to use available technologies to your advantage in order to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Automation tools and software can help with tasks such as identifying opportunities, onboarding new customers, provisioning services, billing, and reporting. This not only saves time but can also reduce errors and boost the overall customer experience. 

Stay up to date with best practices and the latest technology trends to remain competitive. Continuously research and look at concerns, trends, and events to anticipate developments within the market landscape to maintain a competitive edge. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it is essential for resellers and MSPs to constantly assess their offerings and make updates to ensure they are providing the latest and most innovative solutions to their customers. 

Develop a Sales Strategy

Like any business, telecom resellers and MSPs need a solid sales strategy. A sales strategy helps effectively communicate the value of offerings to potential customers and, in turn, generate revenue. A sales strategy provides a framework for how to approach and engage with prospects as well as align sales efforts with business goals and objectives. 

Identifying optimal sales opportunities and channels are important parts of creating a sales strategy. This entails determining the channels through which you, as a reseller or MSP, can contact and engage with potential customers most effectively. Online marketing, social media, direct letters, and trade shows are just a few of the examples of sales channels to use. 

Creating a sales pipeline or roadmap as a visual representation of the sales process, from prospecting to closing a sale, can be valuable in tracking relationships. By creating a sales pipeline, progress can be easily monitored, and problems, roadblocks, and other issues quickly identified. This strategy also improves forecasting and plans for growth. 

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

The customer relationship is the ultimate element for the development and success of a reseller or MSP’s business. Customers like to know that they can count on their telephony provider to help them choose the best products for their business or organization. Responsive customer support is the number one way to build a successful, long-term business relationship. 

While not always easy, building and maintaining a trained, responsive customer support system is vital! Use customer feedback to improve your services. Develop a customer service plan that focuses on timely and effective support. Most importantly, remember to be personable and kind to your customers to develop a long and reciprocal relationship. They count on you to ensure their communications infrastructure simply works.

Choose the Right Provider 

Along with an understanding of the market and your customers, evaluate what telecom provider aligns with the products, services, and support you want to offer. Take the time to research different UCaaS providers, their solutions, their flexibility, and their support structure. 

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NUSO Earns Metrigy Top Provider Award for Communication Platform as a Service Provider

NUSO works with resellers and MSPs to offer their customers a comprehensive UCaaS business solution designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from 5 seats to five thousand. NUSO UCaaS solutions feature tightly integrated Voice, Mobility, Messaging, Presence, Conferencing, and Collaboration products. Customization and the flexibility to tailor offerings to meet individual customer needs is a key goal for NUSO, along with a focus on delivering cost-effectiveness and premium support.

As a full stack, multinational telecom provider, NUSO has deep industry knowledge and experience, frequently providing support to resellers and MSPs with representatives who can fulfill the role of consultant and sales engineer for their partners. NUSO reseller and MSP partners frequently cite the company’s philosophy of ‘white glove’ service as a key feature for their continued success – treating all customers the same regardless of size. Backed by a dedicated NOC and 24/7 U.S. based support, NUSO builds and maintains relationships with UCaaS resellers on a foundation of mutual success.

The Road to Success

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To excel as a UCaaS reseller or MSP, employ a holistic approach that incorporates all of these strategies. Establish and maintain your brand and reputation in your market. Partner with providers that will help your business succeed. While the UCaaS market is competitive, there is a continuing demand for competent and responsive resellers and MSPs that can connect consumers with enterprise-class, cost-effective UCaaS solutions.black and yellow strip road

NUSO’s mission is to democratize communications technology by meeting customers where they expect to be met – through frictionless delivery of service and access to technology deployments from a full-stack of communications solutions. The goal is to deliver the same level of customer service and support regardless of whether a customer has five telephones or five thousand. NUSO’s full-stack product list allows reseller and MSP partners to succeed and grow. 

Are you interested in partnering with NUSO? Get in touch, and become part of the team.