Discover how NUSO’s Accession Meeting can assist your business during the COVID-19 pandemic with these 5 effective methods.

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Last year, many of us went on business trips, visited clients, and traveled to our offices without a second thought. However, the past months radically changed the way we all do business. As COVID-19 continues to develop and reshape the marketplace, video conferencing provides the flexible alternative to meeting face-to-face.

Accession Meeting, powered by Zoom, is our video conferencing and collaboration solution created to connect employees, teams, and customers.

Here are five ways NUSO’s Accession Meeting improves business communication and productivity during COVID-19 and beyond:

  • Empowers remote teams to work anywhere.
  • Creates better customer service experiences.
  • Strengthens collaboration and teamwork across departments.
  • Simplifies communication for employees and customers.
  • Provides significant cost savings.

How NUSO’s Accession Meeting Works

Accession Meeting provides video/audio conferencing through your internet including web collaboration features such as screen sharing, whiteboard annotations, and presentation capabilities.

With this video conferencing tool, you can invite colleagues, contacts, or customers to meet online, even if they don’t have our app.

Let’s look at the benefits of Accession Meeting:

1. Accession Meeting empowers remote teams to work anywhere.

While some businesses are making tentative plans to open, others will continue to work in a virtual environment. Accession Meeting bridges the gap by enabling face-to-face communication, no matter where your team works.

Accession Meeting is like being in the same room together. Office employees can still collaborate with your at-home workers. While phone calls and emails are useful communication tools, video conferencing brings added layers of connectivity. In a phone call, you can’t read your co-worker’s expressions, and emails can be misinterpreted. Recent studies reveal 86% of professionals blame workplace failures on ineffective communication.

Video tools like Accession Meeting removes these barriers. Video meetings help teams maintain human connections, regardless of physical location.

Even after COVID-19, teams will continue to become more global. Your business could employ permanent staff or contractors from other countries or your team may frequently work from the road. Get your business ready for the future of work by giving your workers to connect anywhere, anytime.

2. Accession Meeting creates better customer experiences.

In addition to helping your organization work better, video meetings can be used to provide a better customer service experience. With Accession Meeting, your employees can send video meeting invites to anyone with a computer, mobile, desktop device. This means you can use virtual sessions to handle customer issues instead of a phone call or email. Speaking face-to-face builds trust and creates a personal connection with your customer.

This connection means faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction. With Accession Meeting, your employee can share their screen with your customer to resolve any issues.

Screen-sharing saves time and gives your support team more insight into the customer’s problem. Our platform also has the option to control the user’s screen, so your representative can instantly solve the issue without delay.

Video meetings are a powerful way to increase customer satisfaction and speed up support resolution, leading to higher resolved tickets rates

3. Accession Meeting strengthens collaboration across departments.

Using video communications leads to greater teamwork because employees can read non-verbals and body language, leading to more genuine relationships with their remote coworkers. Face-to-face meetings also drive higher engagement rates compared to phone calls. Nearly 90% of remote employees surveyed found that video conferencing made them feel more connected with their co-workers.

Accession Meeting helps departments such as HR, marketing, or development teams work better together:

HR – Instead of a phone screening, connect with your potential new hires through a virtual interview. This gives the interviewer deeper perception into the candidate, leading to smarter hiring decisions. Training and onboarding can be held online to promote professional development.

Marketing – With Accession Meeting, marketing teams can work on creative projects together just like they are in the same room. Instead of individually jotting down ideas, let your teams brainstorm and collaborate in real-time for more engaging campaigns.

Development – Accession Meeting lets your development teams review code by sharing screens during video calls. Your engineering department can use video for daily check-in’s, work on bug fixes, and share quality control results through video meetings.

4. Accession Meeting simplifies communication for customers and employees.

Accession Meeting helps your business get more done by providing a single solution for meetings, calls, and chat. Your employees will no longer have to switch between different platforms to communicate. Our platform is based on flexibility and simplicity – Accession Meeting works on Desktop, iOS, and Android devices so your employees are never tied down to one device. Unlike other video conferencing programs, there is no complicated equipment to deploy or manage.

In addition to HD video and audio, Accession Meeting also provides features your teams need to easily connect and collaborate including:

  • Group video calls and dial-in access up to 100 participants
  • Pre-entry waiting room for guests
  • In-meeting group and private chat
  • Screen & document sharing
  • Video broadcasting
  • Specific rights for host such as mute or remove participants
  • Directly accessible from your mobile browser
  • Microsoft Outlook integration

Accession Meeting is easy to set-up, use, and manage for your employees.

5. Accession Meeting provides significant cost savings.

Using Accession Meeting can save your business money. First, video conferencing helps eliminate wasted time and helps improve efficiency. Unlike in-person meetings, virtual meetings have defined start and end times. This window allows for more productive discussion and less distractions. In addition, long email chains, IM’s, and voicemails can lead to miscommunication while video conferencing enables clear conversations.

For example, one of your largest vendors tries repeatedly to get in touch with you but can only leave a message with your receptionist.

Because your business is experiencing higher call volume, your receptionist doesn’t get the full story from your customer. There has been a mistake in their latest order, and they can’t find their invoice. A scheduled weekly video check-in would eliminate this lapse in communication and ensure your customers are receiving the correct orders. Now, several departments are involved in trying to fix the vendor’s shipment and productive work hours are lost.

Second, Accession Meeting reduces work related travel expenses. Let’s say your business partner is living in San Francisco while the business is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Instead of sending teams back and forth to collaborate in-person, use video conferencing tools to save on recurring costs like hotels and airfare:

Airfare ✓
Gas ✓
Car Rental ✓
Accommodations ✓
Meals ✓
In-meeting snacks and beverages ✓
Paid time spent traveling ✓

Accession Meeting Can Help Your Business During COVID-19 and Beyond

When you consider all these advantages combined, it’s easy to see how NUSO’s Accession Meeting provides a competitive advantage during COVID-19. With lower costs, improved company collaboration, and more productive meetings, you can streamline your communication in a way that grows with your business.

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