Key Features for a Cloud Contact Center Compliance Recorder

Contact Centers are moving to the Cloud. While most organizations see the benefits, including cost-effectiveness, of a cloud deployment for their contact center, there are still all the same legal requirements and regulations that legacy, on-premise deployments face.

Industries such as finance, healthcare, schools, and public services typically face a multitude of state and federal regulations regarding data privacy and communication recordings. A compliant recorder system ensures these regulations are met, protecting both the contact center and their customers from legal issues.

Most contact center operators understand the requirement to inform callers about recording practices and obtain their consent as required by specific regulations like CCPA, GDPR or TCPA. Today’s compliance recording platforms should automate these processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


Why Record?

With so many regulatory hurdles, some ask, “Why even record contact center communications?” Here are a few of the reasons most contact centers always record interactions with customers.

Dispute resolution: Recordings can serve as evidence in case of disputes or complaints, protecting the contact center from fraudulent claims or misunderstandings.

Agent performance monitoring: Contact center recordings allow managers to accurately evaluate agent call handling, identify training needs, and ensure consistent customer service quality. An integrated analytics solution engineered for contact centers can aid in quality assurance, internal audits, and help identify areas that need improvement.

Security and fraud prevention: Compliance recorders minimize the risk of data breaches and fraudulent activities.

Each of these factors help ensure contact centers maintain a high level of performance which directly translates to an improved customer experience. While contact centers in specific industries, like healthcare and finance, have regulatory mandates for compliance recording, the recording platform is a valuable tool for any contact center, regardless of industry. 

A robust contact center compliance recording system should ensure legal compliance, enhance security, optimize operations, and ultimately lead to improved customer service and agent performance.

6 Features of the NUSO Compliance Recorder

The NUSO Compliance Recorder solution is engineered to meet the demands of today’s cloud contact center – call recording, internal & external communications, and more. With a multitude of features, the Recorder can meet the security and storage compliance requirements of every industry, for any-sized business.

Multiple Sources, One Solution

The NUSO modular, multi-source recording system can collect conversations from different sources/platforms such as:Cloud communications - multiple sources, UCaaS, Contact Center, CPaaS

  • Microsoft Teams™
  • Zoom™
  • Cisco
  • Analog phones 
  • Legacy PBX 
  • And more

NUSO Playback Station

Recorded files are stored in a single repository, allowing users to set retention policies and ensure all local and global regulations and privacy requirements, no matter the source.

Security & Encryption 

The NUSO Compliance Recorder allows users to manage encryption with the option for a virtually impenetrable double AES 256 bit key symmetric algorithm.

Microsoft Teams Integration

For those using Microsoft Teams in their contact center, voice and video conversations are recorded without requiring a Session Border Control (SBC).

High Availability

The Recorder employs active-active component redundancy, geo-redundancy (servers distributed in multiple locations), and hypervisor-supported, high availability cloud platforms like Azure and VMware to ensure reliability.

Power BI Integration

Microsoft Power BI® reporting can be integrated and Analytics platform integration via ODBC segregated per tenant, delivering valuable insights to improve overall performance.

The NUSO Compliance Recorder delivers contact center recording the way it’s needed for every industry and any-sized business.

Learn more at the NUSO Compliance Recorder webpage.