As the need for adaptive and affordable communication solutions grows, managed service providers are in a unique position to secure long-term revenue for their business by adding cloud communications to their managed services.

You can start capturing more revenue from your existing base while attracting new customers to your business by adding a communications solution. We’re here to walk you through the benefits of adding this service, why it’s better to white-label, and what you will need to get started.

Benefits Of Adding Cloud Communications

Cloud communications offer a wide range of valuable features for any business and industry. These features ultimately become your leveraging tools for closing sales and upselling existing contracts. This is why managed service providers can experience two major benefits when adding this service to their offering. First, larger MRCs. Second, offering something that every business needs opens the door for more sales conversations.

Larger MRCs

By increasing your offerings you can easily become your customers’ “one-stop-shop” instead of just bringing in minimal revenue through minimal services. Ultimately the more you can offer your customers, the higher your margins can be and the better you look to leads. You offer a solution that puts all of their communications in one easy-to-use location. This is mutually beneficial to both you and your customers. Additionally, you are building a stack that creates larger deals for your business and can help land larger organizations by offering solutions to all of their problems.

Offering An Essential Service

Business owners know that they need high-quality communications services among their other technical needs. As a more reliable and flexible solution, cloud-based phone systems provide immediate value for business owners and IT managers. Not only that, with so many businesses turning to remote work, having an adaptive and secure phone system is of the utmost importance for maintaining productivity and security.


Why It’s Better To Use A White-Label Provider For Adding Cloud Communications

Before we go into why it’s better, let’s quickly go over what a white-label provider is. A white-label communications provider offers a complete product, infrastructure, and add-ons that resellers can package as their own solution. Resellers then take this solution and sell it under their own brand.

A white-label solution is really attractive to new service providers or those that cannot spend the capital or time that is needed to purchase, build, or maintain their own platform. Using a white-label provider for your cloud communications means that you won’t spend any time developing or maintaining your solution. Instead, you’ll spend more time focusing on bringing in new business and refining your customer service.

White-label providers allow you to promote your own brand, run your business the way you want to, and get started quickly.

Promote Your Own Brand

Start building brand loyalty and recognition for yourself, not some big telco with a bad customer service reputation! You work hard to maintain your image and you should get the credit you deserve. Using a white-label provider gives you the freedom you need to promote your own brand, without worrying about the technical know-how of maintaining a communications platform.

Run Your Business Your Way

A good white-label provider won’t try to control your entire business. Instead, you retain control of your customers, margins, billing, and schedules. Taking it a step further, the right provider will offer integrations and solutions that add to your business functions. So, let’s say you need a billing solution. Your white-labeler should already have options for you to choose from that easily integrate into their cloud communications platform.

Fast Start-Up

You shouldn’t have to be a communications expert to use a white-label solution. Finding a white-label provider with a turn-key offering is a critical piece to your success. You need a company and a solution that helps you sell, instead of bogging you down with complicated onboarding and set-up processes.


What You Need To Get Started

When you use a white-label provider, adding cloud communications is actually easier than you may think. Since your white-label provider takes care of the technical aspects, you only have a few initial items to worry about:

Hardware Supplier

Most of the processes of cloud communications are virtual, but hardware is still needed to connect calls with a physical device (if required). Dedicated hardware providers will give you access to physical phones and other hardware you’re likely to need. Partnering with a hardware provider is crucial in securing reasonable prices for your customers.

Quoting and Customer Management Tools

Since you won’t be tied to a strict sales process, you’ll want your own quoting and customer management tools so that your sales and support staff have the means to be successful. You will need specialized quoting tools to provide proposals on how much your service will cost per month. While a customer management tool helps ensure timely and effective lead nurturing and customer service is being accomplished. Ideally, both of these tools should integrate with your cloud communications platform for a seamless process.


Marketing Strategies

Without marketing efforts, all your hard work will fall short. With cold calling effectiveness on the decline, you will want to come up with a few different marketing strategies that help your business get found. Advertising, referral-based marketing, and other marketing channels should form part of your long-term plan to make sure your business becomes a strong presence in your market.


Looking Towards A Brighter Horizon

When you partner with NUSO, you get more than just a cloud communications solution. Through our established leadership and knowledge in the communications community, we have created solutions that not only offer cloud communications but a fantastic stack of all the communication features that businesses want. 

The best part? We are one of the few white-label providers with our own network. Meaning you will be able to offer the best cloud-based communications solutions over the best network while utilizing some of the most sought-after features currently available on the market.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the world of cloud-based communications or adding this service to your existing offering, NUSO is your perfect white-label provider! Our solutions are designed to help you build long-term revenue. Contact us today to get your foot in the door and then take off running with cloud communications! Call us at 1-844-438-6876 or email us at