Better Engage Customers with Business Messaging

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, your business should too! Leverage the power of mobile messaging by including SMS and MMS in your marketing and customer service efforts.

SimplyConnect provides nationwide text-enablement for any U.S.-based number through a user-friendly platform and API Integrations.

Why SimplyConnect?

NUSO SimplyConnect Interfaces on cellphone, tablet, and laptop

Key Metrics

  • Texting is Engaging - NUSO SimplyConnect

    Texts are more Engaging

    • 99% are opened by users
    • 95% of texts are read in less than 3 minutes
    • 45% of texts receive a response
  • Resolve Issues Faster - NUSO SimplyConnect

    Texts Resolve Issues Faster than Phone Calls

    • Texting is 10x faster than calling
    • Average text response time is 90 seconds or less
    • Text messages are read in under 5 seconds, on average
  • United States - NUSO SimplyConnect

    Texting is Preferred in the United States

    • 90% of consumers want to use texting to reach businesses
    • 50-65% of people prefer texts over calls

The Solution? SimplyConnect.

SimplyConnect is a comprehensive cloud messaging solution that lets you send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your business phone numbers, including traditional landlines. Use existing business phone numbers, or obtain new numbers, to connect with customers opening new communication avenues that reinforce your brand.

Reach customers in their preferred medium: TEXT! With a host of features, SimplyConnect is the newest communication weapon for business.


NUSO SimplyConnect on Laptop and Cellphone


  • Text-Enable Current Numbers

    Use your existing business phone number to contact customers via SMS and MMS messages

  • Engage Customers

    Text promotions, track responses and ROI, and utilize customizable templates to make texts more personable

  • Set Auto-Responses

    Automatically respond to customers 24 hours a day with customized and suggested text responses

  • Monitor Messages

    Oversee all texts sent and received by your business from one account and receive email notification of unread messages

  • Manage Contacts and Schedule Messages

    Save customer contact information in a searchable database and schedule recurring messages

  • Support Global Messaging

    Enjoy seamless texting across multiple languages communicating with native speakers

  • Resolve Customer Issues

    Maintain records and history of customer interactions for issue resolution or new opportunities

  • Ensure Compliance

    Send text messages that adhere to CTIA, telecom industry organization that defines messaging Best Practices and guidelines

Don’t Lose Customers to the Competition.
Leverage the Power of Business Messaging with SimplyConnect!

GIF of SimplyConnect platform interface and texts appearing on screen

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