Business Messaging Use Cases 

With the average American checking their phone 96+ times a day, it’s no wonder why many businesses across a wide variety of industries have taken to business messaging. It’s less disruptive, nearly all adults have a text-capable device, and it’s becoming the preferred method of communication. These factors are contributing to the increased number of business messaging use cases.  

Another major factor in business messaging adoption is the widespread shift to more contactless and digital communication methods, due to the global pandemic. Read on for business messaging use cases that accomplish an array of crucial tasks. 

School Notifications

One thing that’s undisputed is that schools across the world have been in a constant state of flux. With rapid and regular changes comes the need for mass notification. Schools use messaging as a means to notify students and caregivers for a whole barrel of reasons, from closures to room changes, schedule updates, and meeting links. 

Not only is a text notification highly valuable for regular, everyday communication, it’s also an extremely useful tool in emergency situations. If there is an emergency situation happening at the school, mass notification can be sent out to on and off-campus students, staff, parents/guardians, and the like. Keeping all informed and safer. 

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Delivery Notifications  

Perhaps one of the most common business messaging use cases, delivery notifications have been in use by carriers for quite some time already. Now, this type of text notification is gaining popularity for other delivery services. From grocery stores, meal delivery, wine, and home goods, companies of all different types are sending text delivery notifications. Keeping their customers informed with the click of a button.  

These notifications can be triggered by order placements, expected delivery times, successful deliveries, and more, just to name a few. 

Curbside Notifications  

Similar to delivery notifications, curbside notifications enable businesses to quickly communicate with their customers to let them know when orders are ready. Then the customer is easily able to let the business know when they have arrived and vehicle information for a successful delivery. This type of delivery allows businesses to reduce the number of customers within their building while serving the same amount, if not more. 

Receipts & Invoices  

With the world going contactless, paper receipts are becoming less common. This business messaging use case has the added benefit of being great for the environment! Customer devices receive text receipts and invoices in place of printed versions. Which allows businesses to easily and instantly send digital receipts and invoices when necessary. What’s more, this trend could fuel a complete extinction of physical receipt and invoicing equipment. 

Virtual Grocery Shopper  

Online grocery shopping increased by 53% in 2020 (eMarketer), largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rising need to fulfill online grocery orders, grocers need a way to reach customers if an item isn’t available or when their order is complete. This connectivity allows for greater communication and integration to notify customers and the store when items are running low or scheduled for delivery. 


Many restaurants have been embracing business messaging even before the pandemic. But recently this business messaging use case has definitely seen a spike. Restaurants are easily able to notify awaiting customers when their table is ready. Now, restaurants are using this tool for so much more, such as promotions, updates to regulations, curbside, takeout, and delivery notifications. As well as sending customers a link directly to their menu and enabling contactless ordering via text messaging. 

Retail Marketing  

Marketing habits are a major driver of this business messaging use case. As users’ perception of communication changes, they need to market in a way that appeals to the masses’ changes too. At the end of the day, 74% of users have ZERO unread messages. Meaning, at the very least, consumers are viewing your sale, promotion, or informational update. Can you say the same about your marketing emails? How frequently are cold calls answered? When landing in front of your audience is half the battle, knowing that your message is getting opened is a major win. 

Wide-Scale Staff Messaging  

If your business is large and spread over multiple departments, it can be difficult to communicate needed information to everyone. Communicate your needed sentiment easily and effectively with business messaging. Whether that is business closures, safety precautions, or building maintenance. An example of this is canceling a meeting at the last minute. How can you let the entire team know about the cancellation in a quick and efficient way? Sending a mass message using your business line informs your team without exposing your personal number.  

Business messaging has the ability to benefit just about any business in some way. As situations and needs change, there are more business messaging use cases than ever before. So, whether you’re a business or a service provider, adding business messaging to your wheelhouse is a sure-fire tool to increase engagement and revenue! 

SimplyConnect Fuels Your Business Messaging Use Case   

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