Free Call Registry

What do you do if  NUSO Brand Watch notifies you that one of your telephone numbers has been listed as Spam?

Step one is to ensure your telephone numbers are listed on the Free Call Registry.

Free Call Registry

Registering telephone numbers on the Free Call Registry provides a tremendous benefit. This site allows telephone number owners to register single or multiple numbers for submission.

The submission of telephone numbers to the Free Caller Registry provides an initial update to all three of the principal Analytic Engine providers that maintain Fraud/Spam lists for the major carriers:

  1. AT&T
  2. T-Mobile
  3. Verizon

The next step is to contact the Analytic Engine providers directly.

Who to Contact

Clearing Fraud and Spam Flags from legitimate telephone numbers requires contacting the Analytic Engine provider who has Flagged your telephone number.

In the event your telephone number has been flagged, Brand Watch will identify which Analytic Engine provider has Flagged your number.

You must then go to that provider’s website and follow the instructions on their site to remediate your telephone numbers, removing the Flags that are causing your calls to be misidentified as Spam or simply blocked.

This is currently the only way to remove Fraud/Spam Flags from legitimate telephone numbers.

In the Works

NUSO is actively involved in ongoing efforts to combat robocalls, robotexts, and spoofers.

NUSO is collaborating on a future standards-based solution with CTIA and other leading telecom companies. CTIA is the trade association representing the wireless communications industry in the United States. Together, we are looking beyond STIR/SHAKEN, developing new protocols to combat fraud and Spam.

NUSO Brand Watch

Until new safe calling protocols are implemented, NUSO Brand Watch provides the simplest, most cost-effective way for legitimate businesses to know if their phone numbers have been placed on a Fraud/Spam list, ensuring peace of mind.