Drive your business forward faster with actionable insights that let you proactively address issues delivering greater customer experience.

Transparency and Intelligence for Your Voice and Messaging Data

Designed to meet the needs of both communications providers and enterprises, NUSO’s Analytics provides comprehensive data analytics into your voice and messaging network performance through an intuitive interface and powerful pre-built reports. Included in our voice and messaging services, NUSO’s Analytics lets you uniquely access valuable, real-time and historical network data analytics in order to provide consistently high quality service to your customers.


  • phone

    Basic Analytics

    • Automated Porting and Provisioning
    • See the numbers scheduled to port, search for specific port orders, submit documents, and check order status
    • Increase ROI with real-time controls
  • chat

    Advanced Analytics for Messaging

    • Message counts
    • Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) cause codes
    • Delivery rates
    • Messages per second
    • Call Detail Record (CDR) access
    • Alerting
  • phone_in_talk

    Advanced Analytics for Voice

    • Real-time reports
    • Graphical charts
    • Historical data
    • Error reporting

Drive Your Business with Actionable Insights

With full visibility into real-time voice and messaging traffic and call statistics, NUSO Analytics provides key insights that let you proactively identify and resolve issues.

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Real-time Views Into Your Traffic

In this example, you can actively monitor trends in your call volume and identify changes in the percentage of calls that are completed over the network (ASR).

NUSO Analytics gives you the ability to:

See Your Calls
See where your calls are originating from and terminating to based on geography, carrier, and type.

Generate Reports
View full statistical reporting, graphing, historical metrics and more with an intuitive web-based user interface.

Identify Trends, Changes, and Patterns
Compare your current stats against historical data via graphical overlays.

Monitor Calls
See all of your traffic in and out of the NUSO network in real-time.

Set Alerts
Set customized event notifications and alerts for proactive network management.