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Our solution provides easy address provisioning and reliable emergency call routing.

Deliver Dispatchable Location and Call Delivery Accurately

Will the first responders know where to go for your emergency? It’s vital to provide emergency services with fast, reliable, and accurate delivery of 911 calls. For a medical emergency or lifesaving situation, the last thing the caller should worry about is if first responders will quickly find their location. Using Dynamic Location Routing, addresses are provisioned up front through our website, ensuring phone numbers and locations match. This effort is too important, which is why NUSO takes this responsibility seriously. Compliant with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, our E911 network provides confirmable and reliable emergency call routing.

Learn more about Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act here.

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    Simplified Location Management

    Our user-friendly portal, API, and provisioning options make keeping up with end user moves, adds, and changes easy. No matter how big the changes are they can be handled quickly and accurately.

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    Our secure and redundant 911 network was designed for performance, with fully -redundant data centers.