Simple Number Management and Easy API Connectivity from One Place

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NUSO Earns Metrigy Top Provider Award for Communication Platform as a Service Provider

Customers Cite Response Time, Technical Features, Application Quality, and Platform Reliability for Optimized Customer Success as Highlights. Metrigy determines Award winners solely on customer ratings and insights from more than 1,600 CX and IT leaders.

Unify and Simplify Your Communications with
Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Our CPaaS Platform is designed to make managing your numbers and communication features as simple as possible. From our API library to our instant number provisioning and porting, we’ve removed the complication from communication.

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Our CPaaS platform focuses on meeting three major communication needs:

Simple Number Management

  • Access local, toll-free, and mobile numbers in real-time with a live inventory of numbers across NUSO and a broad set of suppliers
  • Search for vanity phone numbers as well as number ranges
  • Port and provision phone numbers directly from one single platform
  • Manage your entire number inventory across various users
  • Easily add or modify number features (E911 and Caller ID)

API Connectivity

  • Access a library of resources for your development team
  • Set up APIs using our documentation library
  • Test your API connectivity in a full-featured testing environment
  • Manage all API connections from one central location

SMS and MMS Enablement

  • Text-enable any business number with the click of a button
  • Send and receive domestic and international SMS and MMS
  • Pull real-time analytics delivery metrics and statistics
  • Send group messages
  • Receive delivery receipts and confirmations

The difference between UCaaS, CCaaS, & CPaaS

  • CPaaS: is the acronym for Communications Platform as a Service
  • UCaaS: is the acronym for Unified Communications as a Service
  • CCaaS: is the acronym for Contact Center as a Service