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HD Voice

Enjoy crystal clear conferencing and voice calls that sound as good as they look. HD Voice provides better sound quality and improves productivity.

Today’s businesses can keep pace with new technologies and vastly improve their existing audio with HD Voice, also known as wideband audio technology.

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Why NUSO HD Voice?

Put broken audio, echos, muffled voices, and dropped calls behind you with HD clarity. NUSO HD Voice contrasts with standard digital telephony “toll quality” which is comparable to ordinary long distance calls placed over the analog circuit-switched public switched telephone network (PSTN). HD Voice extends the frequency range of audio signals transmitted over telephone lines, resulting in a higher quality sound transmission.

How is HD Quality Achieved?

An HD Voice or wideband audio call transmits audio frequency at a range that’s significantly more in line with the human voice. Today’s HD Voice calls are also delivered over the 4G/5G LTE network rather than the traditional telephone network, ensuring more authentic sound.

HD Enablement for Network Service Providers

How Does NUSO Help Maximize Your HD Voice Experience?

Having HD quality across all connection points can be hard to achieve if there are a number of non-HD connections. With NUSO’s extensive voice peering network, we can provide an HD footprint allowing you to take full advantage of HD Voice.

HD Enablement for Enterprises


HD Voice Capabilities

  • mic

    Ability to more easily distinguish voices, words, sounds, and accents

  • volume_up

    Clearer, better sound quality

  • phone_in_talk

    Reduced listening effort, which increases productivity

Explore the Power of Our HD-Capable Network

The NUSO Voice platform provides industry-leading HD Voice capabilities. Whether you’re an enterprise, contact center, or network service provider, NUSO can help you deliver superior customer experiences.


Reach of NUSO Voice

  • 30+

    HD Capable Partner Networks

  • 20 Million

    Users Supported

  • 2+ Million

    HD Capable numbers in service