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NUSO’s dedicated Toll-Free service rides our reliable and geo-redundant all-IP network, providing service providers reliability and quality by leveraging our extensive network of direct carrier interconnections.

Dedicated Toll-free Service Provides Reliable and Customizable Connection

The NUSO Dedicated Toll-Free service is customizable and tailored for your specific requirements, complimenting the entire suite of NUSO products and services. Our dedicated service delivers value pricing through peering arrangements and other volume discounts.

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Customers using their own Resp Org ID can also leverage our Toll-Free Peering product in conjunction with Dedicated Toll-Free Services, or as a standalone product. This will allow calls to be routed directly to your network, increasing quality, and driving results to your bottom line.

  • Number review and selection: research available numbers beforehand and easily search for vanity numbers through API or our Portal
  • NUSO Carrier Services offers direct connections through partners around the globe creating reliable, fast, high-volume pathways for calls and Contact Center users.
  • Because NUSO owns the highway, we can navigate and re-route around known and unknown obstacles

Combine Toll-Free Services with other NUSO products:

  • Voice Termination
  • Telephone Numbers (DIDs)
  • CPaaS


  • paid

    Lower Costs

    Lower costs through a dedicated connection, Lower costs when bundled with other NUSO services, Toll-peering volume discounts available

  • devices

    Flexible Service Offerings

    Flexible Resp Org options, Multiple interconnection options, Single CIC or LCR availability, Streamline and facilitate traffic flow directly to NUSO.

  • grade


    Dedicated service for call completion, Geo-redundant network, Unmatched Uptime network reliability, Extensive interconnections.

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    97% of TF ports and number acquisition can be completed by customer

  • swap_horiz

    Move and transition toll-free numbers from other carriers easily

  • phone

    Thousands of available toll-free numbers in inventory

  • paid

    Use NUSO’s built-in cost-effective route selection for best rate pricing