Cloud Attendant and Voicemail

Cloud Auto Attendant and Cloud Voicemail for SIP Trunking.
Unleash communications from the desk phone while also providing an ideal Disaster Recovery solution.

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Any device with internet access becomes an endpoint for checking Auto Attendants and reviewing Voicemail, regardless of location.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Attendant and Cloud Voicemail provide a robust layer of redundancy, ideal for Disaster Recovery.

If there is a SIP Trunk outage or the PBX is down for any reason, business numbers can still be answered by the Cloud Attendant and incoming calls can be securely stored by Cloud Voicemail.

Both systems are accessible 24/7 by any internet capable device.

NUSO geo-redundancy ensures Auto Attendant and Voicemail systems continue responding to incoming calls and saving messages on secure data centers, avoiding loss should a regional data center go down.

In the event of an end user’s system failing, NUSO can automatically send an email with the audio recording and voice-to-text transcription for easy review.

What is a Cloud Attendant?

Help callers find the information they need without multiple call transfers or waiting on hold.

The NUSO Cloud Auto Attendant for SIP Trunks answers inbound business calls and routes them to the proper destination based on the caller’s response to a customized self-service menu.

Based in the cloud, the auto attendant connects callers to individuals or departments based on the caller’s response or the phone number dialed. During peak call times or after hours, the Cloud Attendant provides a level of self-service that can often automatically deliver the information callers are looking for.

The NUSO Cloud Attendant

Automatically routes inbound calls, even during peak hours.

Helps callers identify which department they are looking for.

Provides callers with hours, location, etc.

Answers calls and records messages outside of business hours.

Forwards unanswered calls to Voicemail.

An immediate response to a caller typically prevents them from dropping the call and looking elsewhere for information, products or services.

The NUSO Cloud Auto Attendant remains responsive and operational 24/7, even in the event of a local outage or disaster.

One Size Does Not Fit All

SIP Trunking is the flexible strategy for transitioning from POTS lines and legacy PBX to VoIP at the customer’s chosen pace.

NUSO Cloud Attendant and Cloud Voicemail are practical additions to SIP Trunking, delivering:
  • Enhanced access to Voicemail, regardless of location
  • Enhanced access to a business Auto Attendant via any device with internet access
  • Redundancy in the event of local system outages
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery capabilities

Are Cloud Attendant and Voicemail your next step into digital communications?

All NUSO solutions are engineered for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and customization to fit the needs of customers, no matter the size of the business.

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