Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, is the ultimate customizable business communications platform.  When deciding on what services you will provide to your customers, you have a lot of decisions to make. This can very easily become an overwhelming process. Plus, most business owners believe they can piece together their communications from different service and hardware providers, as they have for decades. While this has worked in the past, it is not sustainable for long-term growth.

With rapidly evolving technology comes more improved communications solution options for them. The most popular solutions are CPaaS and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). By offering these options you are providing communications for your customers that are not only easier but more capable than any DIY creation.

If you are still confused about what the differences are between CPaaS and UCaaS, this may help. Imagine you have a car that you love. Most of it works great; there are just a few improvements you would like to make. Let’s say you want a new stereo system for your car. You can buy one and replace it! Or maybe you would like new tires. Just purchase them and pop those babies on! This is essentially the CPaaS setup.

Business owners can choose which features they would like to add to their current communications solutions, streamlining as they increase CPaaS features. Now UCaaS, on the other hand, is more like purchasing a new car. All the top-of-the-line bells and whistles of a cloud-based communications solution are included, which is great! But that sometimes means your customers have that remote start and seat warmer that they didn’t really need or want.

Why CPaaS over UCaaS?

Imagine your customer is an established business owner, and they have contracts with different communications service providers and hosts. (Their contracts may include different providers for telephone, internet, messaging, conferencing, etc. services.)  The business owner has been doing research on combining their communications into one comprehensive, cost-efficient entity, and they love the idea of UCaaS. However, they do not need all the features offered by UCaaS.

This is the area where Communications Platform as a Service shines. With CPaaS, business owners can decide which features will best suit their needs. Also, adding features is simple, so when their old contracts expire, you can help them to simply add those features into their streamlined CPaaS platform.

Showing Your Customers the Pros and Cons

When people make big decisions, they tend to have a lot of questions and will take the time to conduct research. This is where having good, accessible content comes in.

When you have the information your clients need, you have a unique opportunity to help educate your customers. When giving your customers unbiased information, you will not only help your clients come to an informed decision but also help build your trust and relationship with that client. Helping your clients with a pro/con list can guide them to the correct decision for their business. To help you out, we have started a customer pro/con list for adding Communications Platform as a Service to their lineup for you.


  • Customizable: The first – and arguably most important – feature is how customizable Communications Platform as a Service is. When adapting CPaaS to your business, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the features that work for your business.
  • Reliability: Cloud-based platforms take outdated, clunky communications hardware out of the office and relocate data to the internet. This creates a more reliable and flexible form of communication for your business.
  • User Friendly: Your employees will be pleased to have a platform that is easy to navigate to help grow your business and improve business relationships.
  • IT Dream: When all your communications are in one comprehensive location, your IT department has fewer programs and platforms to troubleshoot. Also, Communication Platform as a Service providers handle the maintenance on their end, easing the IT burden even further.
  • Security: The fewer programs and platforms your company uses, the more secure your company information becomes.
  • Reduced Costs: When you tailor your communications modules to your business, you cut down on the out-of-pocket cost.


  • Gradual Integration: As your business grows, you may need to add another module to your Communication Platform as a Service features.
  • Monetary Redistribution: You may have to spend time on your budget as you will now be saving money every month with a comprehensive communications solution.
  • Smaller IT Department: With less to monitor, your IT department may need to be reassigned to other business tasks.
  • Growth: When your staff is working more efficiently and building better customer relations, you may have to hire more employees.

Add NUSO’s Communications Platform as a Service to Your Offerings

Here at NUSO, we know that you want to build a trusting relationship with your clients. By offering your clients communication solutions along with the information they need to be successful, your CX becomes second to none. Additionally, with our Communications Platform as a Service, you are able to offer more options and flexibility to your customers. It’s a helpful option for all businesses that just need a few new features, without having to purchase an entire stack.

NUSO’s CPaaS Platform is a part of our worldwide network. We have over 150 access points, creating an unmatched uptime. Our Communications Platform as a Service allows you to tailor your platform to your customers’ needs and wants while reducing your overall cost. Call us at 1-844-438-NUSO today to start offering Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to your customers.