Discover the potential of CPaaS as a channel opportunity with our insightful analysis. 

Learn about the benefits and challenges of this emerging technology and how it can help you grow your business.

If you are a cloud-based communications provider and you are looking for a new channel opportunity, CPaaS is for you. With its flexibility and ease, your customers will love this cloud-based communication platform option. It’s time to jump on this opportunity now as the CPaaS market size is projected to jump to $17 billion by 2023.

How is CPaaS a Channel Opportunity for You? 

CPaaS is a great channel opportunity. You will be able to grow your business by offering the right CPaaS platform.  You can promote customer relationships and set yourself apart from competitors by offering your clients the background information they need to make an informed decision.

As you build your offerings toolbox, it is important to diversify.  Your clients will appreciate having several options when it comes to cloud-based communications platforms. When you have a variety of offerings, you can serve more clients, as some will want more basic features and others will want a more full-service platform. CPaaS is a great middle-ground option that will delight your clients.

5 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love CPaaS

Serving your customers and creating a great customer experience (CX) should be one of your top priorities. The higher your CX, the more likely you are to create loyal customers. With the right customers, you can enjoy knowing they will recommend you to their friends and family.

One of the best ways to increase your CX is by offering your clients different platforms. If CPaaS isn’t one of your channel opportunities yet, it should be. Below are 5 reasons why your customers will love CPaaS.

1. Flexibility

CPaaS offers flexibility not available with other cloud-based communications platforms. With a CPaaS platform, your clients can add features as desired. Unlike unified communications that come with all features all at once, a CPaaS platform allows your clients to pick and choose which features would best suit them.

When you are discussing this option with a client or lead, make sure they understand that a CPaaS platform can grow with them.  Features can be added as their needs grow. Let your client know that they can continue with any contracts they currently have, and as they expire, they can add that feature to their communications stack.

2. Scalability

CPaaS platforms scale easily. As with many cloud-based platforms, all your customer needs to scale a CPaaS setup is an additional handset. Make sure you let your clients know that you will be responsible for initial installation and all maintenance. A great selling point is that when they need to scale, they do not need to set up a maintenance call to run another line.

3. Reliability

As you know, cloud-based platforms are very reliable due to the wide variety of networks they are a part of. Customers will love to hear that the CPaaS platform has an uptime of over 99%. That’s the reliability that your customers need to keep their business running 24/7.

4. Security

The right CPaaS platforms have security measures built in. The FCC has put into play rules and regulations regarding the communications industry. These rules are called STIR/SHAKEN.

When you go after the CPaaS channel opportunity, rest assured that STIR/SHAKEN has been built into certain CPaaS platforms. Your responsibility as a provider of cloud-based communications is to verify the identification information of your clients. The CPaaS platform you offer can do that for you.

5. Customization

You can completely customize your CPaaS platform offerings with a white-label partner. This will give you complete control over branding. You can make your offerings all your own which will promote brand recognition and brand loyalty. When your customers associate great platforms and great options with you, your business relationship will improve.

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