Of all the industries in the United States, the healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing. As the Boomer generation continues to age, so does the nursing home population. Along with nursing homes, the need for pharmacies, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and mental health care services seem to increase every day. Medical and technological advances are moving forward at a neck-breaking pace. However, the telecommunication adaptation within these offices is falling behind. It’s time you reach out to the healthcare industry and teach them what your CPaaS offerings can do for them.

 How Can your Product Help Those In The Healthcare Industry?

You would be amiss to not help the healthcare industry with your CPaaS offerings. There are many offices and facilities in need of a communications update. As you know, CPaaS platforms allow businesses to add CPaaS features on an “as needed” basis.  Therefore, members of the healthcare industry can upgrade their systems over time.  

The healthcare industry needs a reliable and secure network for its communications. As a multi-billion-dollar industry that deals with millions of people daily, the security of sensitive information should be a top priority.  However, about 75% of healthcare facilities are unprepared to respond to cyber-attacks. This is unacceptable, and a CPaaS platform can help defend this industry.

 CPaaS Features that are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

As you are offering solutions to the healthcare industry’s communication problems, you should focus on CPaaS features that would benefit them. For instance, a CPaaS platform offers mobility with desktop and mobile apps, your customers can take their communications with them from room to room or building to building.

If the health care office has not updated their communications, they may not be able to message each other in real-time.  This can be a literal life-saving feature, as messaging and chat allow for instantaneous communication with coworkers.

Video conferencing has become vital to the healthcare industry since the Covid 19 pandemic. Doctors utilize video conferencing instead of office visits to lower contamination and increase the number of patients they can help in a day.  With the correct CPaaS platform, this video conferencing can be embedded into their communications platform.

One of the most important features that you should mention to healthcare industry decision-makers is the scheduling feature.  Make sure you tell them that patients can schedule their own appointments through their portal.  The system will even send automated reminders, so they don’t miss the appointments they scheduled.

 SMS for Patients and Offices

Along with messaging each other within the office, SMS messaging can be a time-saver for patients and offices. Messaging enables patients to schedule their own appointments and receive reminder texts. Together, these will help minimize no-shows. After patients see their provider, a follow-up text with any aftercare instructions and reminders can be sent to the patient.  

If your client is in the retail end of the healthcare industry, for example, a pharmacy, notifications for medicine pickups as well as any store specials can be automated and sent to clients. Offering incentives through text is a good way to entice clients to use such services.  

The healthcare industry can also take advantage of auto attendants and messaging. The auto attendant can help filter messages to the correct customer care representative.

 Why Build-a-Platform is Beneficial to the Healthcare Industry

As stated earlier, the healthcare industry is full of offices and buildings using antiquated technology.  Some decision-makers might want to upgrade their communications solutions but have their hands tied with service contracts. This is where you can educate your customers. They probably do not know that they have the option of slowly transitioning their communications using CPaaS.  

Decision-makers will be delighted to hear that they can save money by choosing which features they would like to incorporate into their system. They can start with just a few features and add more as needed.  As you discuss adding features, make sure you tell them how easy scalability is with the CPaaS platform. CPaaS is an easy choice for them to make when you inform them that there is no extra wiring, other than your normal internet and that you handle installation and maintenance.


The CPaaS Platform the Healthcare Industry Needs

NUSO’s CPaaS platform is built with your business in mind. Our network has virtually no downtime that your healthcare industry clients need. We also offer a safe and secure platform with STIR/SHAKEN regulations built into  

Contact us today to add NUSO’s CPaaS platform to your offerings.  When you gain healthcare industry clients, you will be glad you have us on your side.