We live in a world of ‘I want it now.’ Our websites load instantly, our text messages are responded to within minutes, and we even receive most of our packages in just a day. Why should our business needs be met at a slower pace? Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) is exactly the tool you need to help bring your customers the Real Time Communication (RTC) capabilities they need, at the speeds they’ve grown accustomed to. Instantly.

Real Time Communication (RTC) Capabilities

Real time Communication (RTC) is simply that. Communication done in live time. But how does a CPaaS solution improve these capabilities?

With CPaaS, your customers’ communication methods of choice are incorporated into their current APIs. This allows for seamless communication integration on the platforms they already use, so they can still access all their current customers’ information, or whatever else their business requires, while communicating across multiple channels, either with said customers, or their peers. 

CPaaS also creates more communication flexibility, allowing for communication hopping through different channels, while still in the same API. This creates greater customer engagement and marketing capabilities by allowing them to connect across a variety of communication channels. All of this happens in real time, with minimal to no delays in communication.

Where is the CPaaS market heading?

CPaaS is still a relatively new product in the telecom market, but it is already growing quickly, and proving to be a valuable service to provide to your customers. The IDC expects the market value for CPaaS to hit nearly $11 billion by 2022. Not bad for a new product in such a competitive market! CPaaS providers are also adding additional channels of communication regularly to stay relevant with the latest trends in communication. 

The biggest trend this decade is mobile. Mobile is becoming an end user’s entire way of life, and CPaaS enables your end-users to easily integrate mobility into their existing communication methods. Thankfully, CPaaS suppliers are also putting in efforts to make their products as convenient as possible for you, their partners. In fact, nearly 70% of companies are focusing more attention on enabling their partners by supporting faster app development to improve on CPaaS solutions.

Why NUSO makes selling CPaaS a breeze

You’re probably reading this because you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about CPaaS lately and are wondering how you can leverage this rising service with your existing solutions. If you are already carrying a Unified Communications (UC) solution, CPaaS is the perfect companion to your existing UC platform. What if you don’t already have a UC platform? There is no greater time to get into UC and CPaaS than right now!

NUSO is one of the few CPaaS solutions in the industry with its own network, which means cost savings, reliability, and scalability for our communications service providers. Our network and APIs deliver high-quality service no matter your size – from small start-ups to veteran telecom companies. You get all our latest and greatest APIs, plus the freedom and flexibility to customize your own. Moreover, our support is second to none, with 24/7 U.S.-based staff and a foundational commitment to your success. 

Because we are a network carrier, you have faster access to more information and don’t have to log into three or four different platforms to manage your APIs. To top it off, NUSO is white-label ready, allowing you to fully promote your own brand, instead of someone else’s!

With NUSO, you control your success, and we help you get there! Call or text us today at 844-438-6876, or visit nuso.cloud for more information.