CPaaS is proving to be a necessary solution. In fact, CPaaS is projected to generate $15bn in revenue in North America alone by 2026. Choosing the right CPaaS provider can be tough when you don’t know what to look for. Whether you’re looking to add voice and messaging, or you’ve got the latest app and are looking for quick integrations, there are a variety of CPaaS providers to choose from. The basic goals of every provider out there are the same: to provide teams with the ability to integrate communications quickly and easily.

CPaaS may seem like a straightforward process; just place some code and integrate great CPaaS communications. It’s all in a day’s work! But, there’s more that you need to worry about. If you’re looking for products that not only do their jobs, but do them well, there is more to understand when it comes to choosing the right CPaaS provider.

Types of CPaaS Providers

API Providers

Straight forward API providers partner with all sorts of businesses but are best suited to companies looking to quickly go to market, with low traffic and easy-to-fill needs. They’re ideal for software engineers with little to no background in telecom. However, for businesses looking for scalability, volume-based pricing, and high customizability, API providers can leave a lot to be desired.

Network Owners

Some CPaaS companies also own their own network. These providers are seen as “business-grade” and are the perfect fit for a large variety of businesses. These include business product owners, developers, and engineers who may also have no telecom background. They unlock all the same benefits as regular API providers, while also having many other advantages. Such as access to larger phone number inventories, higher quality voice and messaging, and more insight than non-network owning CPaaS providers.

“Big Brands” 

While the big brands surely come to mind when you’re thinking about anything telecom, they are generally not true CPaaS providers. It’s not typical of them to partner with developers as they often don’t offer APIs. They also tend to take longer to get products to market as they are more bureaucratic. These brands tend to work best for partners that are more tech-focused and have a telecom background.

When trying to decide on your perfect CPaaS provider, it’s a better business move for most to go with an API provider or a provider that owns their own network.

Fitting Your Needs

When looking into a perfect partner for your business there are a few differences you need to consider:

Keeping it Simple

If you’re looking for simple functionality, don’t be afraid to try out different products! Most API providers allow you to see their product in action and get a feel for if it’s something your users will like.

If you’re ready to move forward with them, they’re great about quick delivery and help you get out the door fast. If you’re looking for some simple functionality without all the extra customization, then CPaaS providers might be the right move for you!

Working with the Experts

API providers and those that also own their own network are great choices if you want access to all the latest and greatest communication features in a few simple steps. However, you won’t receive the best support from standard API providers.

If your project needs more hands-on attention and infrastructure support, then an API provider that owns their own network may be a better fit for you. As it’s more business-level CPaaS, these providers are better able to support their customers, no matter your project’s size.

All the Bells & Whistles

While optimistically it would be nice to find the same solutions everywhere, that’s simply not the case. Not all CPaaS providers can give you the same API functionality. While the expected CPaaS standard includes voice and messaging, you still need to know what additional features you need and could potentially need in the future.

CPaaS providers that own their own network tend to have access to more APIs that benefit number management. This means more access for your business with bulk number porting, sending messages, and making calls. Some even have capabilities such as video conferencing and chat. Finding a CPaaS provider that carries what you may need in the future is a great move for businesses that want to grow.

Budgeting for CPaaS Providers

As with all “as a Service” solutions, scalability tends to be the most obvious benefit as you’re not limited in-house. When landing on a budget to spend with a CPaaS provider, be sure to think long-term.

While the price may be affordable now with low volume, what will happen when your network traffic increases? You need to take that into consideration when finding the provider that offers you the best value. If your business plans include exponential growth, a CPaaS provider that owns its own network may be your best move. However, if you’re expecting low volume, and need to get to market quickly, a simple API provider might be the right move for you.

NUSO as a CPaaS Provider

Going with the right CPaaS provider is all about knowing your needs. There’s a lot to factor in, such as quality, scalability, and support. All while being budget conscientious. Finding a successful provider that knows the ins and outs of CPaaS can make this process easy.

NUSO has a tried-and-true CPaaS platform that offers you or your customers the support needed to get the most out of it. Whether they’re in need of a plug-and-play solution or more hands-on customization, we can help! As a CPaaS provider, we are all about providing the API variety that consumers need to get off the ground and soar!

Want to learn more about NUSO’s CPaaS Platform? Give us a call at 1-844-438-NUSO or email us at to start getting the very best out of your communications!