One thing that the 2020 pandemic taught us was the value of cloud-based communications. As workers were sent home to work remotely, businesses were left trying to figure out how to keep business running as usual. Communication platform as a service, or CPaaS was the business communications hero that many businesses needed and hoped for. Let’s look into some CPaaS use cases that show just how businesses can rely on CPaaS.


CPaaS Use Cases for Education

With the help of CPaaS, teachers were able to continue educating their students. Video calling, screen sharing, and recording were all instrumental in continuing with the school year during the 2020 shutdown.

Even though students are returning to the classroom, that doesn’t mean that CPaaS use cases are over. Absent students can attend class via video calling. Parent-teacher conferencing can also be virtual, allowing more parents access. These features along with combining all communication avenues can really simplify an educator’s workday.


Use Cases for Services

Some great CPaaS use cases for services are focused on customer experience. Businesses can use their CPaaS platform to send SMS messages to their customers for promotions, scheduling, and updates. SMS can also be used to send reminders, resulting in fewer no-shows for appointments.

The more companies focus on customer service and creating a great customer experience, the better their reputation. These companies build trust with their customers, and customers become brand loyal to these businesses.


Use Cases for Hospitality

Although travel took a temporary pause in 2020, the travel and hospitality industry is expected to make a full comeback. Automation has been a key feature in improving the hospitality industry. Through automated phone calls, guests can set up reservations and get updated 24/7. Automation also allows guests to be guided through contact-free services.

CPaaS also has great security features for guests. Through two-factor authentication and encryption, hospitality guests can interact with their designated host company’s CPaaS features and with confidence.


Financial Industry Use Cases

Speaking of security, the financial sector also takes advantage of two-factor authentication and encryption. When servicing their clientele, financial institutions have a unique obligation to provide excellent customer service while also providing safe transactions with confidence. Therefore, video conferencing, automation, and SMS are all CPaaS features that are crucial to the financial industry along with all the security measures.


CPaaS Use Cases for Healthcare

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, living facilities, and much more make up the healthcare industry. CPaaS is a great platform for all these aspects of healthcare. Each individual business can pick and choose which features would best suit the needs of their patients. This helps the facility provide the best care possible.

One CPaaS feature that skyrocketed by 4,345% in use from the beginning of March to mid-April in 2020 is video conferencing. Video conferencing has been used for remote doctor appointments, known as teledoc or telemedicine. This allows doctors to help many patients they would not have otherwise had access to.


Contact Center Use Cases for CPaaS

CPaaS has seen a rapid rise in popularity for contact centers. As an alternative to live customer service, video-based chat is becoming more and more popular among customers who prefer the convenience of not having to leave their homes or offices. CPaaS vendors are working hard on creating customized solutions that suit agents based out of home which will ultimately improve efficiency across all levels within the company. Call analytics, automation, and call routing make all the difference in contact centers.


NUSO’s CPaaS for All Use Cases

CPaaS solutions were made for the modern world, with communications evolving so rapidly that it was hard to keep up. NUSO is able to meet these needs and provide a reliable CPaaS platform that will improve business communication strategies as it’s available on multiple channels suited for various clients’ requirements. For more information about this innovative technology contact us today!