Hosted PBX and SMS business is often an easy sell for customers upgrading from legacy providers or other costly solutions. However, many service providers may find it difficult to retain their customers with never-ending price cuts from competitors. While good customer service is a fantastic method to increase customer stickiness, the constant price matching makes it harder and harder to retain them with customer service alone.

So, how can you create lasting customer stickiness with CPaaS? CPaaS solutions are designed to help ensure that your customers’ needs are met at a price that lets them breathe easily. Which in turn keeps them loyal to you for years to come without looking for a lower bill.

CPaaS with APIs

Before we dive in, we need to define CPaaS and APIs. CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. This is a communications platform that allows you to add features in an a la carte fashion through APIs. APIs are preprogrammed to tell your platform what features and functions the user would like the machine to perform.

Creating Customer Stickiness with CPaaS

In today’s competitive business world, companies will do whatever they can to survive – that includes investing in APIs to boost their processes. Service providers that offer CPaaS solutions allow companies of all sizes access to a wide selection of prebuilt APIs and the ability to integrate custom APIs when needed. These APIs are what deliver new tools and features without the need to replace their existing communications stack.

Because CPaaS is an “as a Service” offering it is also a plug-and-play solution, providing greater flexibility and customization to its users. While this automatically creates a more seamless sales process, the flexibility of CPaaS also guarantees scalability. So, as your customer’s business grows, their communication services can grow with them. The same goes for the easy customization of their services. Your SMB and enterprise customers choose the services they need without paying for the services they don’t want. Such customization and flexibility generate a happier customer, and a happy customer is a sticky customer.

Your CPaaS Partner Matters

Who you choose to partner with for your CPaaS Solution matters. Not all solutions companies are the same, and there are distinctive attributes you should look out for when deciding on your platform provider.

The first and most important thing to look out for is whether they offer a variety of CPaaS solutions or just the same old same old. The better you can customize your selection, the more fulfilled your customer relationships will be. Many just offer messaging and voice API solutions, so finding a partner with a full stack of additional features is a must when you want to create a better customer experience.

Another thing to look out for in a partner is whether their white-label platform goes above and beyond. They should offer seamless integration with additional software and should provide resellers with the flexibility of customizable billing, documentation, and UI. The more your brand stands out, the more your customers will feel brand loyalty, and the stickier they will become.

The Glue for Stickier Customers

The NUSO CPaaS Platform truly stands out in the crowd of communication options, making NUSO the perfect partner to improve your customer stickiness and build loyal relationships that will last year after year. Not only are you giving your customers state-of-the-art CPaaS technology that delivers the flexibility and capabilities that they need, but you are also receiving NUSO’s impeccable customer service. As your partners, you can expect nothing but the best from us when it comes to serving you and your customers.

Our CPaaS Platform is known for its great flexibility and its user-friendly simplicity. It boasts amazing voice and messaging capabilities with a highly intuitive web interface. The platform is filled with a variety of helpful tools and APIs, making it the epitome of CPaaS white-label platforms.

Reach out to us today to see it in action! We are here for all your CPaaS needs and can’t wait to help get you started on a road to better customer stickiness! Contact us at 844-438-NUSO or email us