Sometimes Things Break…

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Business continuity and being prepared for a disaster are requirements for long-term success. Natural disasters are happening with increasing frequency. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has already declared 112 disasters in the US this year alone, and we still have a month of winter to go!

NUSO Cloud Communications are engineered with business continuity in mind, taking a multi-layer approach to disaster recovery. Beyond the basic benefits of cloud communications – geographically dispersed infrastructure, advanced accessibility, automated failover, data safety, etc. – NUSO designs additional layers into products and services.

  • NUSOflex: redundancy for local inbound voice calls carried over the PSTN
  • NUSO Bridge: redundancy for voice and messaging in cases of a platform outage
  • Cloud Attendant & Voicemail: redundancy in the cloud for SIP Trunking

NUSO solutions are designed this way because it is increasingly clear that disasters – from power outages to tornados, flooding, and fire – are a matter of when, not if.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers numerous benefits when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Geo-redundant servers to ensure against data loss
  • Any endpoint with internet access allows communications
  • Communication services available regardless of office status
  • Centralized control and management of communications systems 

The recent Covid pandemic was a wake up call for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Those that were able to quickly transition to remote work experienced minimal disruptions to their operations. Others made the transition on the fly, frequently resulting in redundant solutions being deployed, implementation challenges, security issues, and cost overruns. 

Business continuity is planning for the next emergency. Today, cloud communication services are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for organizations and businesses of all sizes. Perhaps most importantly, cloud communication services are a prime ingredient for successful business continuity in the face of a disaster.


NUSOflex, part of the NUSO Cloud Communications network, routes voice calls around local network disruptions, providing redundancy on local inbound voice calls carried over the PSTN. 

While redundancy for outbound and toll-free voice calls is expected of phone service providers, a local inbound voice call can still be impacted by a local network event. When inbound impairments occur, customers are typically presented with the option to call in a trouble ticket and then wait until an “upstream change has been made.” Sometimes, customers are even required to port numbers before an issue can be resolved. Either option results in lost time and revenue, even when there isn’t an actual disaster.

a diagram showing the four stages of Redundancy and reliability geographic redundancy inbound Outbound calling for calls

NUSOflex adds an extra layer of redundancy for day to day operations and in the event of a disaster. End users gain four layers of redundancy for voice calling, delivering unparalleled reliability.

NUSO Bridge

the nuso bridge logoNUSO Bridge is a multi-platform integration into services like Microsoft Teams™ and Zoom™. Integrating all the voice and messaging capabilities users are accustomed to into leading collaboration platforms unifies and simplifies the user experience. 

Instead of switching between multiple apps and interfaces, not to mention playing whack-a-mole with notifications, users remain in a single app for all communications, internal and external. 

Using NUSO Bridge adds a layer of vital redundancy to these platforms as well. If connectivity with the collaboration platform is lost for any reason, the NUSO Cloud Communications network can remain operational. In the event of a disaster, users have a redundant layer of communications. 

NUSO Cloud Attendant and Voicemail

Designed specifically for those using SIP Trunking as their communications solution, Cloud Attendant and Cloud Voicemail unleash communications from the office desk phone. Any device with internet access becomes an endpoint for managing auto attendants and checking voicemail

These solutions are built to provide a robust layer of redundancy at the carrier level, ideal for disaster recovery. If there is a disaster that takes SIP Trunks or the PBX down, incoming calls to business numbers can still be answered by the Cloud Attendant and voicemail securely stored by Cloud Voicemail. 

NUSO geo-redundancy ensures Cloud Attendant and Cloud Voicemail continue responding to incoming calls and saving messages on secure data centers across North America, avoiding loss should there be a regional disaster that takes a data center down. Both systems are accessible 24/7 by any internet capable device.

Be Prepared!

NUSO solutions are engineered to remain operational during the worst of times. When disasters do occur, communications data is safely retained and accessible when internet access is restored. By providing an advanced level of business continuity capabilities, NUSO aids in planning and tactics, enabling businesses to make better decisions before disaster strikes.

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