As a reseller, you want to create customer stickiness, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Sure, you want your customers to stay with you forever, but how do you even get them in the door? When no two businesses are exactly alike, it can be tempting to offer every feature to every business and let them pick which ones they want to keep or leave. However, that can cause buyer fatigue and actually create a more stressful sales process for your potential customers. 

So let’s forget about selling everything to everyone! We’re here to show you how you can easily customize your offering with CPaaS and how that creates a smoother sales cycle and a stickier customer.

Finding Your Niche Market

Every business can benefit from CPaaS in some capacity. As an example, the U.S. healthcare industry is reportedly losing $150 Billion each year due to missed appointments. CPaaS would effectively eliminate part of that loss, through something as simple as appointment reminders. Appointment reminders would benefit a whole slew of industries, like salons, auto shops, landscaping, and so much more. And that’s just ONE feature of CPaaS.

As the use cases for offering CPaaS continue to stack up, this presents a challenge to resellers. The benefits open you up to a huge variety of potential customers, but it can feel overwhelming to new resellers, especially when you’re trying to run targeted marketing campaigns. Starting with a more distinct market helps you focus on one audience without feeling overwhelmed by a shotgun approach. Then, as your business grows, you can expand into new markets.

The easiest way to discover your niche market is by looking at your existing customers. First, list out your customers and organize them by industry. Then, write down which services and features they’re using. You will probably notice that different industries prefer different features. Are you noticing you have more customers in one industry than any others? Do some industries have a higher deal size than others? Are you more knowledgeable in a specific industry?

If you don’t have an existing customer base, we suggest you start with an industry you are familiar with. Your leads will feel more comfortable with you the more that you understand their industry’s unique challenges and needs. And the more comfortable you are discussing that industry, the better chance you have at landing the sale!

Creating Industry Packages

Once you find your niche market, you can easily customize your offering with CPaaS by tracking what services and features your customers in that market often request and require. You can then create industry packages to serve that market based on your data. Thus, making the sales process much faster without the endless back and forth on services and features. Chances are that, once you start organizing your offerings this way, you may find success in more than one market. If that’s the case, you can easily customize your CPaaS packages by industry.

For example, say you have noticed a lot of your customers in the automotive industry have asked about sending automated text updates to their customers when their cars have finished being serviced. This feature would be a great selling point for improving your potential customer’s engagement and automation. Now you have an easy go-to feature to push when trying to land a new contract in the automotive market. Plus, it shows your potential customer that you understand their needs and can present solutions that will work for them. This tailored approach to your customer base will help you become an established solutions provider for other businesses in that field.

CPaaS Makes it Easy to Customize Your Offering

The plug-and-play nature of CPaaS lets you quite literally customize your offering on the fly. So, let’s say your customers have loved their current solution, but have realized that their customers are wanting even more ways to stay in touch. With CPaaS, it’s easier than ever to simply add that feature on to their existing solution and start benefiting right away! And as technology changes, CPaaS has the ability to change with it. As more communication and social platforms arise, CPaaS will be there, allowing your customers to stay in the know every step of the way!

Easily Customize Your Offering with NUSO CPaaS

When it comes down to offering the most customizable communication solutions, CPaaS can’t be beaten. It’s the perfect technology to bring even the smallest businesses the solutions they need to reach their target audiences in the ways they want to be reached, and it can benefit virtually any business.

If you think offering a NUSO CPaaS solution to your potential customers is the right move for you, or would like to learn more about what CPaaS can offer, check out our CPaaS Platform page, or better yet, give us a call at 844-438-NUSO. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and get you started customizing with CPaaS today!