Cloud Communications Solutions for Educators, Administrators, Parents, and Students

NUSO’s Cloud-based Communications solutions improve collaboration across devices for all sizes of educational institutions from primary and secondary schools to universities and colleges, so you can provide real-time learning experiences and communicate faster.

Providing a 21st century learning experience, our cloud-based communication solutions help schools, universities, and educational institutions share, teach, and collaborate across devices.

NUSO Cloud Communications and Collaboration Transforms Your Students’ Learning Experience

  • Power stronger learning experiences in the classroom and at-home
  • Enhance collaboration among students, parents, educators, and administrators
  • Increase administrative and faculty efficiency with seamless communications
  • Eliminate Capital Expenses
  • Reduce monthly communication expenses

Virtual Education Options for Every School

NUSO Unified Communications (UC) solutions provide secure video and audio conferencing so educators can effectively reach their students whether teaching from home, the classroom, or in a hybrid environment. Students can experience online field trips, collaborate on group projects, and even participate in mentoring sessions virtually. Our whiteboards enable teachers to assign homework and provide feedback on projects within the platform.

Connect Faculty and Administrators with Modern Tools

Upgrading to NUSO Unified Communications gives your faculty access to a full range of essential communication tools, including instant messaging, file sharing, web conferencing, as well as SMS and MMS texting. Connect with voice, chat, and video capabilities through your desktop, mobile tablet, or a smartphone in either iOS or Android.

Better Call Management

Handle your large call volume with NUSO’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature so your front office can manage call flow by automatically directing calls to the appropriate department. The IVR can also provide automated messages for school updates and offers 24/7 access to information.

Streamline Campus Communications

Our phone solutions simplify school communications, allowing your staff to focus on their work without a complicated phone system. We can provide one central phone number for your school with multiple extensions and voicemail options for individuals, departments, and buildings. With our platform, faculty can also use their devices to make calls from their school number, access contacts, and send instant messages.

Improve Parent Engagement

Our Unified Communications platform overcomes communication barriers with SMS text communication to give parents instant information on upcoming assignments, vacations, health notices, and safety alerts. In addition, users can be given access to video conferencing to connect face-to-face with teachers during meetings, hold PTA meetings, or attend virtual conferences.

From the Kindergarten Classroom to University Campuses, NUSO helps educators stay organized and connected. Our real-time communication tools keep students, parents, and faculty working better together virtually anywhere.

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