Enabling Voice Infrastructure in Microsoft Teams

Enhanced Collaboration AND Communication

Microsoft Teams™ is a powerful collaboration tool that enables team members to work together seamlessly, regardless of their location. One key addition that can make Microsoft Teams a complete collaboration and communications solution is its voice enablement capabilities. 

With phone services integrated, users can make and receive calls, manage voicemails, and leverage a range of advanced call-handling features, all from within the Microsoft Teams app. No more switching between apps or wasting time identifying which app is sending a notification.

The Constant State of Change

Microsoft Teams is the world’s leading business collaboration platform for a reason. Microsoft Teams is continuously evolving, with the latest Microsoft Ignite featuring roadmap plans for Copilot, a set of generative AI tools to produce code, content, and summarize text. Copilot will be tightly integrated into Microsoft Teams, with every action on the platform offering a consistent level of AI assistance. 

This constant state of change to the platform is what makes some hesitant to place all their communication infrastructure “eggs” into the Microsoft basket. That’s where a solution like NUSO Bridge delivers an extra layer of stability and redundancy. NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams is engineered to enable robust and reliable telephony services within the Microsoft Teams platform, while providing a separate, independent communications network that continues to operate if Microsoft Teams suffers an outage.

One Platform for Maximum Productivity

Direct Routing and Platform Connect are two path-of-least-resistance strategies that deliver PSTN connectivity into Microsoft Teams. Both strategies can integrate a business’ existing telephony system into Microsoft Teams, including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms or a SIP Trunking solution. Both are available options with NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams. the nuso bridge logo

If the existing telephony infrastructure is premise-based, SIP Trunking provides the means to integrate the communications system into Microsoft Teams for a single collaboration and communications hub. If already using a UCaaS solution, NUSO Bridge delivers the ability to integrate all existing features into the Microsoft Teams platform – voice, messaging, mobility, video, conferencing, and more.

NUSO Bridge supports both options, providing a seamless integration into Microsoft Teams. Again, unifying and simplifying all collaboration and communication services into the Microsoft Teams app for accessibility, but without the need to put all eggs into a single provider’s basket.

Leverage Advanced Features to Streamline Workflow

Using a single unified platform, like Microsoft Teams, offers a range of advanced features that can make workflows more efficient, particularly with robust phone services integrated. Cloud-based auto-attendants can be used to route calls to the appropriate person or department, reducing the need for manual call handling. Call queues help manage high call volumes and ensure that calls are answered in the order they are received. And interactive voice response (IVR) systems can be used to provide callers with a menu of options to help them reach the right person or get the information they need.

Collaborate with External Stakeholders

Adding today’s feature-rich phone systems to the Microsoft Teams app allows users to make and receive calls and messaging (SMS / MMS) from external phone numbers, which makes it an ideal tool for collaborating with customers, partners, and other stakeholders outside of the organization. Share information, coordinate projects, and resolve issues in real time, regardless of the location of the participants. Leveraging Microsoft Teams with integrated phone services delivers improved collaboration and communication, streamlined workflows, and enhanced overall business relationships – internally and externally.

NUSO Bridge

Voice Enablement can provide an essential aspect for Microsoft Teams. There are numerous benefits it delivers to enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. Whether users are working remotely, on the go, or in the office, Microsoft Teams integrated with NUSO Bridge is a powerful tool to help people stay connected and work more effectively.

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