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NUSO Bridge for Zoom 

a zoomed image of the zooming partner logoAs a Cloud Peering Partner in the Zoom Carrier Provider Exchange, Zoom™ customers can now enjoy all the benefits of the NUSO Cloud Communications Network in the Zoom Phone Client, including NUSOflex. Businesses and organizations of all sizes chose Zoom for its state-of-the-art simplicity, scalability, and robust security and privacy features – values that align perfectly with NUSO.

NUSO Bridge for Zoom is the seamless integration of telephony services into Zoom, delivering a feature-rich cloud phone solution. It lets you unify and simplify your communications platform by integrating NUSO phone services Into Zoom. Phones share the same Zoom interface with no change to the user experience.

NUSO Cloud Communications can easily be found in the Zoom App Marketplace.

NUSO Cloud Communications deliver reliable, cost-effective phone network access in the Zoom Phone Client on desktop, laptop, mobile, or desk phones. Access the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and enjoy the high-quality, reliability, and cost-effective benefits of the NUSO Cloud Communications Network, all in the Zoom Phone client. One platform, or interface, with a full range of communications and collaboration capabilities.

3 Reasons to Integrate NUSO Phone Services into Zoom


Increase the value of a Zoom investment by integrating NUSO’s reliable and cost effective phone capabilities into Zoom. 


Stop switching between multiple applications for email, video, chat and phone. Remain in Zoom for all communications and collaboration, while maintaining all of your existing NUSO phone capabilities.  


Stay ahead of the curve. Retain control of your phone system while future-proofing your business communications. 

NUSO Cloud Communications in Your Zoom Platform

Integrating NUSO calling into the Zoom Phone application delivers a feature-rich cloud phone solution for organizations of all sizes. It is fast and easy to deploy and use on desktop, laptop, mobile, or desk phones.

  • 24/7 US based Zoom Certified Support 
  • Inbound, outbound, and toll-free calling
  • Multiple E911 compliant solutions
  • Robocall Mitigation, STIR/SHAKEN
  • Implementation is measured in hours instead of weeks
  • User-friendly Management Portal to add or reassign numbers
  • Network redundancy for greater reliability and disaster recovery


Zoom customers can enjoy the benefits of NUSO cloud communications in their Zoom Phone client with the added benefit of the award-winning NUSOflex. NUSOflex extends the concept of cloud computing infrastructure to the PSTN environment, routing around local, inbound voice impairments in minutes. End users expect to be connected at all times. NUSOflex makes it happen.

NUSOflex, Redundancy & Reliability

a diagram showing the four stages of Redundancy and reliability geographic redundancy inbound Outbound calling for calls

With NUSOflex, part of the NUSO Cloud Communications network, local inbound and outbound voice calls route around disruptions in the network to ensure calls go through. NUSOflex provides a fourth layer of redundancy to communications networks for improved call quality and reliability.


NUSO Cloud Communications can easily be found in the Zoom App Marketplace.

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