This article explores how MSPs can gain a competitive advantage by diversifying their cloud solutions. 

How MSPs Benefit from Diversifying Cloud Solutions – Whether personally or professionally, stepping into the unknown is challenging. However, providing new services to customers can set your firm above the competition, protect your company’s future, stabilize your recurring revenue, and solidify customer relationships.

The core of sustainable revenue growth for MSPs and IT Providers is to expand service offerings.

In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, your customers’ needs are always changing.

There is no guarantee your customers will wait for you to provide new services. Diversification is a strategic way to stay ahead of the competition and remains a proven driver of MSP revenue growth.

As the current health crisis illustrates, safeguarding your company’s success in an essential step to long-term business continuity. The marketplace is evolving, and NUSO is here to help maintain your steady growth against the market’s changing tides.

Benefits to Diversifying Your Cloud Solutions

To stay relevant in today’s competitive landscape, companies must offer innovative solutions to their customers’ business problems. Successful MSPs never let themselves get too comfortable in one vertical. By not depending on one specific service, you can protect your business in case of a downtrend.

NUSO has several ways for our partners to diversify their services. Not only will these cloud communication solutions help you attract new customers, it will help you keep your existing clients.

Let’s examine the several benefits to offering additional solutions such as Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Collaboration, and Contact Center:

Create “Stickier” Customers and Build Stronger Relationships

Smart MSPs take a proactive approach and provide new solutions before their clients need them. Your customers can get lost in day to day details and fail to see how their long-term needs will evolve. It’s your job to pinpoint what they need now and prepare them for the future.

If you only offer one piece of your customer’s needs, there is not much stopping them from switching to a competitor who offers a broader portfolio of products and services. Personal relationships and great service will only carry your business so far. If a competitor provides a comprehensive line of solutions, your customers may move on.

Let’s say your IT firm provides standard support for servers, email, data security and backups for an elementary school. However, the principal has done research on ways to improve communications for teachers, parents, and students during COVID-19. The school administration asks if you have Unified Communications available. If you don’t have this service ready to deploy, you could miss out on a potentially massive opportunity and game changing revenue for your firm.

Unified Communications is one of the fastest growing cloud services precisely because of the broader set of tools it offers. Remote work job postings increased 28% in March alone. If you neglect to add these much-needed services to your portfolio, your business will miss the opportunity to meet your customers’ needs. Give your customers what they need to succeedbefore they ask for it. Happy customers stay longer leading to better retention rates and stronger relationships.

Add Dependable, Recurring Revenue

Providing services like hosted VoIP or Cloud Collaboration can solidify your incoming revenue. While this business model may be familiar to MSPs, providers who traditionally offered on-premise will enjoy a noticeable boost to their bottom lines. Rather than continually searching for new on-premise opportunities, providing a hosted phone solution creates steady revenue and avoids drawn out sales cycles.

Earning sustainable monthly income protects your business from rapid changes in the market. NUSO Unified Communications provides a scalable model for you and your customers’ business. Our platform gives customers flexibility to scale up as necessary allowing service providers the opportunity to deliver more high-value solutions.

Stand Out from the Competition

Stagnation is a dangerous place for business owners. Your company’s sales may be hitting targets now, but what happens when a new company provides your exact same services at lower costs? Diversifying services lets you distinguish yourself from the competition.

A recent article from Forbes encourages businesses to “continue to reinvent your company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products and solutions.” But innovation without the right support carries risk. Developing your own cloud communications platform requires technical experience, labor, and financial resources.

That’s why NUSO is here. Partnering with us enables you to sell of a full suite of communication tools. We only sell our services through our Partners so we can focus on developing award-winning services. You’re able to set yourself apart from the competition without forklift investments, with an ally who will never sell around you.

Why Choose NUSO as Your Partner?

By selling NUSO services, your sales team can provide customized solutions based on your client’s needs:

Complete Solution Provider for Your Customers

We offer start to finish solutions like Unified Communications and Contact Center. With many companies changing how they work due to the current health situation, our platform allows your customers to stay connected whether they are in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Our Unified Communications integrates business phone with collaboration tools like video conferencing and instant messaging. This eliminates the need for multiple software programs or constantly switching between different devices, apps, and screens. You also have a single-source partner who can assist you along the way.

NUSO Contact Center empowers your clients to provide superior customer service with features like Advanced IVR, detailed analytics, and intelligent call routing. All of these services are delivered securely online so your customer’s call representatives can work effectively from home or in the office.

World-Class Support & Resources for Partners

We understand providing new services means uncharted territory, but our industry-leading support is here to guide you. Our approach to support is simple: we want to help you succeed. We track thousands of monthly customer service interactions, and over 97% of our customers rate our service as “GREAT”.

Along with excellent technical support, we provide online resources, learning tools, and product training. As a NUSO Partner, you have access to the industry’s latest updates and insights. Our webinar series gives Partners actionable insights with support from our strategic sales team on boosting monthly revenue, solving critical needs for customers, and diversifying solutions.

Proven Track Record with Quality Service

NUSO provides high-quality communication tools so you can focus on building stronger customer relationships. Happy customers mean higher retention rates. NUSO’s average customer contract length is greater than 62 months while the industry average is only 26 months. Our low annualized customer churn means customers stay with us longer, so you earn steady revenue over years.

How Can NUSO Help You Diversify your Cloud Solutions?

Providers who only focus on offering a limited selection of services will find it increasingly challenging to maintain revenue growth and marketplace distinction. There are many players in the market providing the same service. Expanding into cloud communications can help you maintain strong revenue growth over time. See how NUSO can help you expand your opportunities and learn if now the time is to explore diversifying your firm.

Call 844-438-NUSO (6876) or email our team at to see how we can help.