Coronavirus Ready – Channel Partner program knows that NUSO is ready to help provide the best cloud services to your customers.

Whether you’re currently a Partner or considering joining the our Channel Partner program, we want you to know NUSO is ready to help you provide the best cloud services to your customers to be ready for Coronavirus. Our Partner Program is built around supporting MSPs, VARs, IT companies, and service providers wanting to join the growing unified communications market.

With the recent developments due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), your customers may be planning on how to maintain business continuity. As of right now, we’re living in the age of cancelled meetings, conferences, and events. Ten years ago, this could significantly impede on business communications. But it’s 2020, and we are also living in the age of cloud communications.

NUSO is here to help build a resilient remote work plan. Through our Unified Communications suite, your customers can continue their work while at home.

NUSO tools are designed to increase employee productivity and customer engagement. Here are our most popular features for working from home:

  • Mobile and Desktop Phone
  • Video Conferencing
  • Presence Status
  • Business SMS/Instant Messaging
  • Online Collaboration

With a home internet connection, your customers can stay “plugged in” to the working world. Remote work is growing, and now is time to help your customers build contingency plans for working at home.

You can be the Unified Communications expert and make sure your customers stay operational during the outbreak. NUSO is here to help you succeed in selling hosted cloud communications.

How NUSO Cloud Communications Ensures Business Continuity 

NUSO helps your customers quickly transition to a Unified Communication system for working from home. Here are ways our platform can support your customers during COVID-19 or any other disaster scenario:

NUSO Business Phone & Mobile App

Mandatory work from home policies are becoming commonplace in the U.S and around the world. Companies of all sizes are telling employees to work from home. When the unexpected hits, your customers don’t have to shut down. Our Business Phone System uses your customers’ internet connection to make and receive calls, so there’s no complicated or expensive hardware or setup.

Our phone system comes with a long list of advantages for employees working at home. We provide unlimited calling in the continental U.S and Canada so your customers can continue to make calls, without worrying about overage fees. Our 200 call features like call forwarding, call recording, voicemail to email, and softphone are designed to give your customers phone access anywhere, anytime.

Worried about providing phones? That is the beauty of the NUSO business phone system. Your customers can make business calls using their laptop just by signing into our desktop platform. The NUSO Mobile App provides these same features on your customers’ iOS or Android phone.

But how would all this work for your customers? Let’s look at a few different industries:

Online Retailers: E-commerce stores can still fulfill orders by having customer service representatives work from home. By using NUSO’s business phone system at home, reps can answer customer calls and communicate with other teammates. Other tools like our Call Analytics can help managers ensure quality service*.

Technology: The tech industry already saw an increase in remote work before the Coronavirus. Developers, project managers, and even sales teams can do their jobs within the comfort of home or across the country. For example, a website developer can still work and call clients, so projects aren’t delayed. Our other collaboration tools like screen-sharing and white-boarding add clarity to online meetings.

Franchise Companies: Managing several locations is challenging enough. But shifting entire departments of employees to a work-from-home model can feel like opening hundreds of little offices. NUSO’s business phone simplifies franchise management. With our cloud-based technology, all your customers’ locations are on the same communication system. Work together, receive/make calls, transfer calls, route calls through auto-attendants, and send instant messages on desktop or mobile.

All our tools are scalable and flexible. Plus, with our Management Portal, you can instantly provision a new device and provide a new phone number to your customers in less than two minutes:

*Additional service may be necessary.

NUSO Video Conferencing & Collaboration

According to an E-Commerce report, 55% of survey participants have canceled travel plans and 50% are having fewer meetings with employees, customers and prospects. Those numbers will certainly grow over the next few weeks and months.

These cancellations can threaten long-term company growth and expansion. However, NUSO Video Conferencing supports remote work without neglecting human connections. While phone calls are still important for businesses (60% of customers prefer reaching out through phone),video meetings are an effective tool for deeper conversations.

People are generally better at processing visual information compared to text and audio. Meeting via video conferencing is a better way for your customers to connect for in-depth meetings or discussions. In addition, NUSO Video Conferencing can bridge the gap for employees feeling lonely or disconnected from suddenly working at home.

Here’s a breakdown of how NUSO Video Conferencing keeps your customers connected:

Schools and Universities: Across the globe, educational institutions are closing through and beyond spring break. During campus shut-downs, educators can still provide classes online through our Video Conferencing tools. Educators can still teach lessons through video meetings and can host as many as 50 participants. Our video conferences can also be recorded, allowing teachers to prepare several lessons in advance. Was a student event canceled due to the virus? Your customers can host virtual events to keep school kids or college students engaged.

Healthcare: Healthcare organizations are turning to new communication tools to deliver quality services without sacrificing patient health or satisfaction.  NUSO Video Conferencing is part of the growing “telehealth” movement. Patients can dial into video chats with their doctors from their desktop, smartphone, or tablet from the comfort of their home.

Law Offices: With our mobile-friendly conferencing and collaboration tools, law offices working with clients and coworkers can still meet even if they’re in different parts of the world. For attorneys conducting client interviews or negotiations, reading body language is key. Our Video Conferencing empowers law professionals to better observe the other participant compared to a traditional phone call. NUSO video tools also enable enterprise-level conferences so law managers can speak to entire teams with just a click.

For a more detailed analysis of how Video Conferencing helps law firms, check out our past blog: “Why Modern Law Firms Embrace Video Conferencing Tools”.

How NUSO Makes Providing Unified Communications Easy 

Our solutions are mission-critical business tools for thousands of businesses, schools, law firms, healthcare providers, and financial institutions. NUSO provides the necessary support to help drive your Unified Communication sales and needs.

Here is how NUSO works for you:

  • Management and Delivery Made Simple – Our management tools are built with the Partner in mind. Your time is valuable, so our Management Portal gives you simple-to-view, real-time information on your customers’ status across important performance and network functions. Easily quote, order, and provision in minutes.
  • 24/7 U.S. Based Customer Support – If you or your customers need help, we’re always here to answer the phone. Reach out to us by calling 844-438-NUSO (6876) or emailing our support team at
  • Highly Distributed Data Centers – NUSO is a global company. Our system architecture is highly distributed, and we have different data centers around the world to ensure redundancy and unmatched uptime. We make sure your customers are protected from hardware failures, power outages, natural disaster or other unplanned events.

Get Your Customers Ready for Working at Home

Threats like the Coronavirus can cause disruptions within your customers’ businesses. However, with the right tools, your customers can continue to meet their organization’s goals. NUSO is here to help you work with your customers on building an effective unified communications strategy that will benefit them for years to come.

If you are a MSP, VAR, IT company, or service provider interested in learning more about NUSO solutions for your customers, sign up for a free demo. If you’re a current NUSO Partner and need help moving your customers to our hosted Unified Communications platform, contact us hereNUSO is happy to now offer free collaboration tools with Accession meeting, contact us to learn how your customers can save. 

For the latest information and guidance on the Coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).