NUSO provides businesses and organizations of all sizes the right tools to delight customers and increase revenue with Cloud Contact Center solutions.

Contact Centers (CCaaS) help small businesses provide professional customer service through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Text 
  • Social Media

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect immediate answers. But keeping up with customer demands can be difficult. Your company may not have enough “extra” employees to manage customer calls and messages through all your communication channels. This is where Cloud Contact Center saves the day.

The NUSO Contact Center platform has solutions ready for both small and larger businesses looking to streamline communication.

However, this post will focus on the benefits for smaller businesses. Unlike our competition, NUSO provides enterprise-level quality for companies of all sizes.

Contact Center Features for Small Businesses

Running a small business is challenging. From budgeting to managing daily operations, you and your team wear different hats to get the job done. NUSO’s Contact Center works as hard as you do by managing all incoming and outgoing customer point of contacts.

CCaaS enables your business to house multiple phone numbers, customer support emails, texts, and chat sessions in one easy-to-use platform. Our platform provides a powerful and intuitive dashboard with a single-sign on to control phone systems, chat, IVR, and many other features.

Let’s take a look at a local dentist office – Sweet Smiles. This office has three administrative employees focused on scheduling appointments, taking payments, and greeting clients once they arrive to the office.

Due to growing word-of-mouth and other marketing campaigns, Sweet Smiles is experiencing an influx of new patients. But with their small office space and budget, the owners of the company don’t want to hire a new receptionist. Instead, Sweet Smiles begins using NUSO’s Contact Center platform.

Contact Center Feature: Interactive Voice Response

With our platform, Sweet Smiles has access to a range of features to help them efficiently connect with every customer. One Contact Center feature – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – is a phone menu system that lets callers use their dial pad to reach the appropriate department. Sweet Smiles now has a custom IVR greeting with straightforward prompts for customers:

Thank you for contacting Sweet Smiles! Our office hours are 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. 

For more information about our services and becoming a new patient, please dial #1. 

If you’re a current patient and would like to schedule an appointment, please dial #2. 

If you would like to make a payment over the phone, please dial #3. 

To speak directly to the office manager, please dial #4. 

For dental emergencies, please dial #5. 

For all other inquiries, please press 0 to be immediately connected to one of our staff members.”

IVR is providing real benefit for Sweet Smiles. This Contact Center feature organizes incoming calls, routes them to the appropriate department (such as Intake staff member for new patients or the front desk for current), and complete simple tasks like accepting credit card payment.

Contact Center Feature: Voice with Chat, Text, and Email Under One Platform

Before Sweet Smiles began using NUSO’s Contact Center, they had several programs for live website chat, social media messaging, SMS texting, and customer emails. All these unconnected channels resulted in patients slipping through the cracks – unreturned calls and missed follow ups were common for the growing business. Plus, manually logging into each of these platforms was a big time-waster for the small office staff.

But Contact Center helps Sweet Smiles save time and work more efficiently.

With one simple login, the office team accesses all digital communications in one platform. Customers now receive faster replies because all inquiries are coming through the same .

Contact Center also keeps a record of patient information, history, and preferences. When a customer calls into the office now, all their details automatically pop up for the office staff. This eliminates time trying to piecemeal info from different sources, so the office team delivers improved efficiency and focused customer support.

NUSO Contact Center also provides Interactive Chat Response (ICR) which works the same way IVR does. The difference is ICR provides automated messaging for your live chat on your website.

When a customer visits Sweet Smiles’ website and starts a chat, they’re greeted by automated chat options like make an appointment online or request more information about services. If a customer has questions outside the standard chat script, he or she can click on “chat with a live representative”. The conversation is seamlessly switched to the office staff.

Contact Center Feature: Call Recording, Reporting, and Analytics

With recent marketing campaigns underway, the owners of Sweet Smiles wanted more insight into which campaigns convert along with overall call quality.

Contact Center provides call recording, reporting, and analytics. Big data isn’t just for big businesses anymore; it is important for companies of all sizes to understand their customers.

Call recording gives Sweet Smiles the ability to listen to positive and negative calls. Listening to both types of calls is an important aspect of their training program and allows management to adjust processes for a better customer experience.

Call recording is also an important part of Sweet Smiles defense against the occasional dispute. Recorded calls provide evidence hard evidence if an unhappy customer decides to complain or start a lawsuit. (Regulations vary state by state on call recording so be sure to know your state’s laws before recording.)

Call reporting and analytics give live and historical data into all Sweet Smiles calls. Management can view how many calls they receive along with drill downs and filters to find valuable data. Sweet Smiles also uses NUSO tracking phone numbers in their marketing efforts so they can clearly measure which campaigns bring in the best ROI.

NUSO is Here to Help

U.S businesses are overwhelmingly small businesses, and many of these companies have less than 20 employees. NUSO is here to help your business grow. We are dedicated to providing top-tier U.S-based support with unmatched uptime.

If you would like to try our Contact Center, contact us for a free demo.