Providing your clients with a great customer experience is key to any successful business. Retaining existing customers is 5 to 25 times less expensive than investing in new customers. This is why whether your business is big or small, customer experience should be your number one priority.

Did you know the correct CPaaS platform can help you improve your customer experience and keep your customers coming back for years to come? CPaaS platforms have a wide range of features that can create a simplified and efficient experience for you, your employees, and your customers.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. Put simply, CPaaS is an ala carte communications solution for businesses. Simple number management and easy API Connectivity from one place. The owner of the business, you, can pick and choose which communications avenues they would like to be a part of the platform. What is even more exciting than a completely customizable communications platform is that you, as the business owner, can add features to the CPaaS solution as you see fit.

Customer Experience and End Users:

While you are building your perfect CPaaS platform for your business, remember that there are certain features that will help you and your employees build a great relationship with your customers. This relationship will create the ultimate customer experience they crave. An environment that is helpful and simple is sure to please any customer. Highlighted below are just a few features that are helpful to building a great customer experience. We have divided these features into two categories: features driven by client actions and features driven by company actions.

CPaaS Features Driven by Clients

  • Payments – Clients will love the option to make payments via an internet-enabled device.
  • Account management – This allows your clients to view and interact with their accounts without coming into the business establishment.

CPaaS Features Driven by Companies

  • Automated reminders, scheduling, and transactional messaging
  • Appointment reminders – You can decrease the number of no-shows with reminders for your clients.
  • Scheduling – With automated scheduling, your platform will keep your clients and employees on track.
  • SMS messaging – Offering your clients the option of receiving messages via text can increase your response rate.
  • Integrated marketing communication – Increase the opportunities your business has to market to your target audience. 
  • Phone surveys – This allows your clients to provide feedback. Phone surveys can be offered through voice or text options.
  • Special promotions – Your customers will love being treated with special promotions when they use certain features.
  • Chatbots – Allow your client’s needs to be attended to without tying up your employees.  Also, chatbots can direct your clients to the correct customer service representative.

Remember, as you build your perfect communications platform, all features of CPaaS platforms are optional and added easily. In order to provide a top-notch customer experience, you should be assessing what features your customers would appreciate the most. Add these features to guarantee customer loyalty and positive word of mouth from your clients. Did you know that even if you make a mistake, 78% of consumers will do business with a company that provides excellent customer service?

Customer Experience and Resellers:

As a CPaaS provider, you need to provide your clients with an excellent customer experience as well. How do you do that? Well, the first step is to know your product.  You need to know every feature available in the CPaaS platform you offer.

Next, you will need to know your target market. When you become an expert in your target market’s industry, you can better serve them. Not only will you understand how CPaaS features can help their business, but you will also be able to make personalized suggestions based on their industry. Discuss use cases with your provider.

When you help your clients build their client list based on your product, they will look to you as an expert. This establishes a mutually beneficial customer experience based on trust and loyalty that you want for your customers.

Customer Experience Supported by NUSO’s CPaaS

NUSO’s CPaaS platform is packed full of the features you need to increase customer experience at your business. Whether your client is an individual customer or a business, NUSO has the CPaaS platform and experts who can help you become successful. Our secure and reliable CPaaS platform is part of our global network that is designed with up-to-date rules and regulations in mind. Contact us today to learn more!