How Microsoft Teams Can Make Remote Work Less Scary

Over the last few years, the way we work has fundamentally changed. There are challenges that distributed work environments can bring – such as:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Work-from-home colleagues
  • Pop-up and meeting fatigue
  • Maintaining focus
  • Organization

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams™ users can still collaborate in real-time, make decisions quickly, and more easily organize tasks. Integrating existing Unified Communications voice and messaging capabilities into Microsoft Teams unifies all communications into a single platform, simplifying daily tasks and saying goodbye to switching between apps.

In addition to ease of use, there are several benefits to Teams that no one talks about. Picture this, you’re…

Multi-Tasking During a Meeting and Your Boss Asks You a Question 

Uh-oh! You’re multi-tasking and working through your ever-growing list of to-dos. You are listening well enough to know your boss just mentioned your name and is now waiting for you to respond. With Microsoft Teams’ transcription or live captioning features you can read what was just said in the call and give your answer – without skipping a beat! 

Working from Home with a Toddler in The House…and You Hear Complete Silence  

Some of us have untrained colleagues roaming our remote work areas. It is bad enough when the room where your toddler is supposed to be sounds eerily quiet, but the situation is made that much worse when you’re in the middle of an important Microsoft Teams video conference. Luckily Microsoft Teams allows you to seamlessly transition between your desktop application and mobile application with a click of a button – no need to interrupt the collaboration, sign out, or dial in separately through your native mobile device, when you need to stand up from your desk and investigate the living room. Simply “transfer” between devices when and where you need! 

Bombarded with Notifications from a Dozen Different Communication Applications 

If you’re experiencing pop-up fatigue and are exhausted by the need to respond to task notifications, email, chats, phone calls, and videos in a dozen different desktop and mobile applications, you’re not alone. Navigating the digital world can feel like a part time job in addition to managing a full-time workload. Microsoft products allow you to streamline how you communicate – keep your task lists, chat, phone calls, video conferences, and email all in one place. 

Looking for Ways to Keep Team Engagement High in a Distributed Workforce 

Whether you are a manager or a natural born people leader, you’re likely looking for ways to keep those around you engaged and in the loop. Microsoft Teams’ Recording capability allows for individuals or managers to share context or snippets of a discussion with those who were not originally on the invite. It is also helpful for those who attended the meeting to review the recording for conversation or action items they may have missed. 

Trying to Remember What Action You Were Assigned Somewhere in the First Half of a 2 Hour Call 

Microsoft Teams’ meeting timer allows for you to remember exactly when in a conversation you committed to completing a deliverable by a specific time and day. Easily note the exact time in the conversation the task was discussed, and make sure and record each meeting for future reference!  

Unify & Simplify Your Communications Hub for Work

the nuso bridge logoNUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams connects voice and messaging channels into Microsoft Teams, providing users with the ability to keep all of the features of their existing Voice and Messaging service while using Microsoft Teams and its built-in softphone and collaboration capabilities.

NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams delivers the ability to simplify the communications platform of any-sized business, organization or enterprise.

  • Use Microsoft Teams Phone System or NUSO UCaaS options
  • Less expensive than native Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
  • 24/7 access to US based NUSO Support 

By providing access to the PSTN for reliable, cost-effective voice calls and messaging from within Microsoft Teams, NUSO Bridge integrates premium Voice and Messaging capabilities into Microsoft Teams, the world’s top business collaboration platform.

Stop switching between apps to communicate. Learn more about NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams.