In How Contact Center Can Help Your Small Business, we covered how our CCaaS platform improves small business performance. By utilizing NUSO Cloud Contact Center solutions, small to midsize businesses can easily respond to customer requests through a host of channels, without bouncing around a laundry list of apps.

The same issues affect larger businesses on a greater scale. Bigger businesses deal with larger volumes of customer interactions and processes. Without an inclusive communication system, employees must hunt down important customer data or seek a supervisor’s help to find information, leading to longer wait times and less customer satisfaction.

A disjointed experience frustrates both your customers and employees.

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how our Enterprise Contact Center eliminated these problems for a NUSO customer we’ll call Eagle Lake Credit Union:

Why Eagle Lake Credit Union Needed A Better Solution

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Eagle Lake Credit Union is rapidly growing with 20 different branches with an additional headquarters location. With over 500 employees, including 25 call agents, the expanding organization struggled with keeping track of customer information, open tickets, and incoming calls.

Before switching to NUSO’s Contact Center, Eagle Lake used a traditional call center along with several other programs including:

  • Online chat manager
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Company database
  • Company cell phone (for texting customers back)
  • Email manager
  • Phone system

As you can see, Eagle Lake communication tools were all over the place. This created several problems:

  • Customers waited too long for the call agents to track down their account information since there was no organized communication structure. This led to callers growing impatient. Customers would hang-up after long wait times, agents had to return calls, and callers who did stay on the line had high levels of frustration.
  • Without a central dashboard, messages from social media, website chat, or email would go unanswered for hours or days.
  • Agents could not work efficiently because they constantly were switching between applications and windows.

These issues caused the credit union to lose member trust, while agents felt like they could not keep up with customer demand and provide excellent customer service.

After NUSO introduced Contact Center, communication improved on all fronts leading to a better customer experience and more productive employees. Our Contact Center delivers omnichannel service through phone, text, chat, email and social media – all through the cloud. NUSO helps enterprises increase first contact resolution and agent productivity.

Let’s dive into the features Eagle Lake now uses for their Contact Center:

Contact Center Solution: Interactive Voice Response

As a large credit union with over 20,000 customers, Eagle Lake receives hundreds of calls per day. This call volume overwhelmed the 15-member call center team. Many of these calls were simple matters, like an account balance inquiry.

However, the agents still spent valuable time answering basic questions. To remedy this, NUSO set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for incoming callers.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automates responses for incoming callers with pre-recorded options and information based on the customer’s needs. Customers use their phone’s keypad to input or speak directly to the IVR.

NUSO IVR provides Eagle Lake customers:

  • Account information
  • Investment portfolio updates
  • Current loan status
  • Business hours and services
  • Credit card balance
  • Payments made by credit/debit/check
  • Speak directly to an agent

IVR lets customers complete simple tasks like making a credit card payment or checking their balance without taking up agent time. According to, 73% of customers want the ability to solve their own issues through self-service phone prompts.

Also, most callers hang up after waiting longer than 1 minute and 55 seconds. IVR frees up agent time and reduces hold times across the board, leading to happier members.

IVR provides the speed, service, and convenience customers want.

With a powerful IVR software solution, Eagle Lake has a better way to manage their high call volume. In addition to saving time, Eagle Lake saves on additional technology and personnel costs. With NUSO IVR, the credit union does not have to spend more capital on hiring additional staff or extra phones or computers.

Contact Center Solution: Intelligent Call Analytics & Features

Our Contact Center provides a complete suite of features to help enterprises better understand customers and empower agents. Analytics help provide a comprehensive view inside organizations, but also help businesses like Eagle Lake work more efficiently. Let’s look at a few examples:

Call Analytics for Customer Satisfaction

Before implementing NUSO Contact Center, Eagle Lake couldn’t pinpoint the cause of long wait times, slow resolutions, and frequent escalations.

While IVR reduces the agent time on basic calls, there was still a backlog of customer issues. To clean up the queue, our team took a deep dive into Eagle Lake’s call analytics.

Analyzing the data brought a few key issues to light. In many cases, the first agent who spoke with the caller was not the best employee to resolve the inquiry. The first agent had to transfer the call to a different co-worker, leading to annoyed customers and longer wait times.

Eagle Lake began using intelligent call routing to solve this issue. Also known as skills-based routing, this NUSO Contact Center feature automatically routes calls to the best available agent. Intelligent call routing boosted resolution times and increased customer satisfaction.

Better Tools for Agent Performance

Huffpost reports 84% of consumers become frustrated when agents don’t have access to the right information. NUSO Contact Center provides essential part of call agent success – the right tools for the job.

Before NUSO, Eagle Lake agents juggled multiple applications and desktop windows to help a single customer. Now, the agents use one integrated system that manages customer information and case history. Agents are now empowered to better problem-solve and spend less time trying to track down data. Also, there’s less need to run to a supervisor or transfer the call.

Eagle Lake improved employee satisfaction by providing more information for the call team.

Insightful Data for Business Decisions  

Eagle Lake now has access to a robust dashboard displaying efficiency metrics like calls received per agent, abandoned calls, missed calls, and call duration. These stats are available to agents, supervisor, and manager in real-time so the team is informed at all times.

Our Contact Center provides customized reports for CCaaS users specific to any business. This available data lets Eagle Lake management, or any NUSO end-user, see patterns and make smarter business decisions based on customer behavior.

For example, Eagle Lake now has access to call volume by day and hour. With this information, managers better schedule agents for busy times.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of How Contact Center helps businesses!