When it comes to business there is always one focus that comes to mind no matter what the field may be: The Customer. Without customers, nearly all businesses would no longer be important and simply disappear. So it is crucial for all companies – no matter their size – to keep their customers interested in, and satisfied with, their products. Moreover, customers are always looking for easier ways to interact with businesses. So, what are some methods to improve customer engagement? More specifically, how can businesses improve customer engagement with CPaaS?

Tools for Improving Engagement

Improving customer engagement may seem like a unique or custom process for every business. But the truth of the matter is, most businesses are looking to improve customer engagement by offering more communication options for their customers. And ideally, those options include channels their customers are already familiar with.

Business Messaging

Take a medical office for example; they may need to reach their patients from time to time for appointment reminders. While phone calls have been the norm in this industry to date, their patients may not be as receptive to interrupting their busy schedule by taking a phone call. However, a simple text message with appointment confirmation functionality is often a far more welcome method of communication. In fact, research shows that 90% of text messages are read within the first 30 minutes. The ability to reach customers so quickly and instantaneously is an excellent way to improve engagement rates.

CRM Integration

Another tool to help improve customer engagement is CRM integration. According to Entrepreneur, today’s consumers don’t want to waste their time explaining the details of their account history or personal information. Instead, they want their customer service rep to already be aware of their issue or account standing the second they connect. This kind of personalized customer service is readily available through CRM integrations.

Video & Audio Conferencing

With the recent shift to remote lifestyles came an increased need for video and audio conferencing solutions. Although this shift seemed strange at first, studies show that this type of communication is here to stay. As a more convenient and flexible communication method, the use cases for video and audio conferencing are becoming more and more apparent.

Revisiting the medical office example, through video and audio conferencing, patients are able to schedule teleconferencing exams in place of in-person appointments. This ultimately increases the likelihood of patients scheduling appointments in the first place. They no longer have to worry about taking significant amounts of time off work to physically go to an appointment.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of industries that can benefit from video and audio conferencing, CRM integrations, business messaging, and other tools that improve customer engagement. Many businesses, however, often think that such tools are outside their current budget. Thankfully, that’s not true. With CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, businesses of all sizes have access to enterprise-level functionality. Without the enterprise-level investment.

How CPaaS Helps Businesses Improve Customer Engagement

CPaaS is essentially a plug-and-play communications system that can be custom-fit to suit any given business’s needs. Because of the extreme flexibility of a CPaaS solution, businesses can pick the services they need, without committing to services they don’t need. This gives them access to tools like video conferencing and text messaging without the major CapEx or the need for in-house IT staff.

With a CPaaS solution, businesses gain access to all the tools necessary to improve customer engagement. Couple that with the flexibility CPaaS provides, and they have a future-proof business communications solution.

The more quick and easy your communications become, the more your customers will like communicating with you. The more likely they are to feel fulfilled by your company, and the longer they’ll want to stick around.

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