Scheduled Maintenance

Services Affected: Chat ()
Services Affected: Messaging (Chat)
Services Affected: Presence Status (Chat)
Services Affected: Management Portal ()
Services Affected: Mangement Portal Production (Management Portal)
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    NUSO will be performing a scheduled maintenance to apply upgrades to various system components as recommended by vendor support guidelines.

    The components involved in this maintenance do NOT include the systems responsible for either PBX and phone registrations or establishing and maintaining inbound or outbound calls. As such, these services will not be impacted at any point during this maintenance.

    Services Impacted

    During the upgrade process for the Enhanced Application Server (EAS) components, there will be a 40-60 minute window during which all Auto Attendants, Voicemail, and CommPortal Web Interface access will be unavailable. This portion of the maintenance will occur between 03:00 AM CST and 04:00 AM CST on 10/25/2020.

    If you have special requirements which will require that alternate call handling be put in place during this portion of the window, please contact our support team so that an appropriate plan can be put in place to meet your needs.

    Services Potentially Impacted

    During the upgrade process for the AMS Message and Presence Server, it is possible that some Accession client users may experience intermittent service availability issues regarding these services. Due to the redundant architecture of this platform, any user impact should be relatively brief.

    We understand there is no perfect time to perform maintenance. With this in mind, we have scheduled this maintenance during a low utilization period. We thank you for your understanding and support.

    10/25/2020 04:00:00
  • Scheduled


    10/25/2020 03:00:00