Cloud Fax Solutions

Simple, Secure & Affordable

Say Goodbye To Paper Jams, Busy Signals, And Time Spent At The Fax Machine

Why Cloud Faxing is Built for Business

NUSO IPFax is easy, secure, and convenient. Streamline your workplace, and never pay for fax equipment again. Easily fax documents too large for email like presentations, contracts, or user guides.

How Cloud Fax Works

Sending and receiving an IPFax is simple. Your fax document is digitally converted, and the document is sent via the internet to your email address. IPFax saves time and money.

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Business Cloud Faxing


Business Advantages

Designed to fit the modern workforce, NUSO IPFax lets you send and receive faxes from anywhere – at home, on the road, or in the office. You only need a device with internet and email. It’s that simple.

  • Send & receive faxes by email
  • Avoid paper and maintenance costs
  • Fax your documents more securely
  • Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • No software or hardware required
  • Provides scalability for business

Traditional Fax Solutions

Traditional Fax

If your company needs traditional faxing capabilities, NUSO provides a legacy interface to connect to the hosted service and perform normal fax functions. This analog service provides a 98% success rate on inbound and outbound fax transmissions.

Traditional Fax High Volume

For high volume traditional faxing, NUSO offers a package to give fax traffic a high priority status across the cloud to its ultimate destination.

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