When you become a managed service provider (MSPs), you have many decisions to make. Your white-label provider can either be an asset or a detriment to your business. Frustrating restrictions set by white-label providers can put a damper on your customer relations as well as financially affect your business. 

As MSPs, you want to be in control of your business as much as possible. With some white-label providers, that is hard to do. Below, we are going to focus on three different aspects of platform provider restrictions that you can control when you choose the right white-label provider. 

MSPs and Margins 

Let’s be honest, limits for your commissions are something that you need to deal with as MSPs. Some white-label providers offer much better margins than agent programs. Most agent programs cap you at the 20% mark or lower, which in turn creates very low margins for you. With our program, partners create their own margin. 

MSPs should also research restrictions set by white-label providers on how you add customers. Some providers have an extensive process that includes managerial approval. This can take weeks. You want to find a provider that offers you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. 

Reliability for MSPs 

When looking for a white-label provider, you need to make sure the network they provide is reliable. A geo-redundant platform with global entry points is a must in this day and age. If your offerings are not reliable, your customers’ business will suffer, and they will look for a new service provider. You don’t want to lose customers because of your white-label provider’s network! 

You must also look for a network that is secure as well. With all the advances in technology, customers are especially wary of nefarious cloud-based behavior. A great white-label provider will have security built into their platforms to protect both you and your customers. 

Support for Your Customers 

As your customers need help troubleshooting issues, it becomes imperative that you can offer them the support they need. If you have several offerings from multiple vendors, you may be setting yourself up for failure. When your clients come to you, you don’t want to get caught up searching for the answer among a sea of different setups. 

This is where the correct white-label provider can really be an asset to your business. A great provider has a complete voice solution with all the features your clients want. They have offerings that cover everything from voice to full communications. The simplification of offering several services from the same white-label provider makes your business more streamlined and efficient by eliminating “swivel chair” processes. You will be able to troubleshoot a customer’s issue more quickly than if you had several providers. This will help promote a trusting relationship between you and your customers. 

Partner with the Best for Your Business 

NUSO offers our MSPs a white-label experience with a truly reliable network. With us, you will have complete control over your business with all the tools necessary to build a prosperous company. You can build the customer relationships that you need to be successful and create your own margins. 

As one of our MSPs, you will have access to our global network with worldwide access points. Our geo-redundant data centers with automatic failover controls guarantee unmatched uptime network uptime with the highest SLAs. 

Here at NUSO, we offer fully loaded unified communications, business messaging, and CPaaS platforms. With these offerings, you will have a complete communications solution for your customers. 

If you’re ready to partner with us, call us today at 1-844-438-NUSO.