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NUSO Brand Watch performs a regular check across multiple databases to ensure legitimate phone numbers are not mislabeled as Fraudulent or Spam.

People in the United States now receive more than:

  • 130 Million Robocalls calls a day
  • 19 Billion Robotexts a month

As a result, it’s become too easy to label an incoming call or message as Spam and have the phone number blocked.

Unfortunately, as a side effect of spoofing (displaying a fake number in Caller ID), many legitimate business phone numbers end up on Spam database lists.

NUSO Brand Watch informs businesses if their telephone numbers appear on Spam lists and what next steps should be taken for remediation of the issue, ensuring peace of mind.

If Brand Watch identifies a number has been Flagged, the Business Telephone Number Remediation webpage provides the information needed to clear a number from Blocked or Spam lists.

Legitimate Phone Numbers are Increasingly Being Mislabeled as Spam

Incoming Call is Spam Likely

Major phone carriers have adopted an aggressive program to identify incoming robocalls and robotexts, using the FTC and third party companies specializing in maintaining Spam number databases.

Being incorrectly identified as Spam can result from a number of causes:

  • Users manually identify the number as Spam
  • A high number of short calls originating in a short time period
  • A spike in call volume

Increasingly, algorithms identify Spam numbers without human intervention based on call patterns.

An unfortunate side effect of spoofing and aggressive algorithms is that legitimate businesses frequently have their phone numbers wrongly identified as a Fraud, Spam Risk or Scam Likely call.

Monitor to Ensure Phone Numbers Are Not Blocked

NUSO Brand Watch is the way to know if legitimate phone numbers (DIDs) are being blocked or listed in Spam databases.

By running regular checks against major phone carrier Spam lists, NUSO Brand Watch provides the first step toward clearing legitimate phone numbers.

NUSO Brand Watch Provides

  • Regular checks against 9 national databases
  • Regular check against FTC lists
  • Reports are sent to users
  • Next steps to remove numbers from Spam lists
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Next Step!

If Brand Watch sends a notification that a number has been Flagged, visit the Business Telephone Number Remediation webpage for information on clearing the number from Blocked or Spam lists.

NUSO Brand Watch helps ensure legitimate phone numbers are not blocked or mislabeled as Fraud or Spam.

Regular checks are made against the FTC and multiple national databases used by all major carriers. 

A user-friendly report is then generated for each number on Brand Watch, identifying any problems or providing peace of mind that calls are not wrongly listed as Spam Likely.

Ensure phone numbers are not mistakenly identified as Fraud/Spam. NUSO Brand Watch delivers peace of mind to businesses of all sizes.

NUSO Brand Watch is available for domestic telephone numbers only.

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