NUSO SIP Trunking

With more than 14 million business on-premise devices still in service, you need a solution that saves businesses money and grows your revenue. NUSO SIP Trunks allow those devices to operate at a lower monthly cost allowing you to serve your customers. Gain increased margins for your firm while preparing your customers for Cloud PBX migration should the PBX fail.

Easily add Hosted PBX features to our SIP Trunking services creating instant redundancy and disaster recovery. Protecting your customers’ business is mission-critical.

Benefits For You And Your Customers

Cost Savings

Save up to 70% compared to traditional phone lines.

Uptime and Reliable

With 5 redundant Data Centers throughout the US, count on dependable service.

Recurring Revenue

Grow your margin positively impacting your bottom line.

Flexible and Scalable

Independent phone numbers move with each user. Add new numbers and trunks quickly.

Expanded Features

Connect to Cloud PBX features for expanded functionality.

Business Continuity

Programmed fail-over to reroute calls to other offices or cell phones should a natural disaster occur.

Expand Business Capabilities

With POTS Lines and PRIs disappearing daily, why not capitalize on this opportunity? NUSO SIP Trunking simplifies business telecommunications while deepening your respect and relationship with your customers. Leverage SIP Trunks today for the easy transition to cloud PBXs in the future.

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NUSO is the US SIP Trunking Provider for North America’s largest OEM on-prem provider and the NEC Univerge Blue SIP Trunking Provider.