NUSO’s Solution to Local, Inbound
Voice Service Impairment


Keep Your Business Running with NUSOflex

The telephone network ecosystem is complex.

All cloud communications providers still rely on old servers and wires in the ground to make and receive phone calls. Car accidents, gardening projects, and construction work can sever those telephone wires and leave your phone lines without service!

A story we’re all familiar with:

Suddenly, your customer can’t receive or make calls from Atlanta to Dallas anymore. You and they are provided with no explanation as to what happened. In reality, a local highway improvement project accidentally cut through a huge roll of fiber in the ground, impacting thousands of telephone lines. You likely find that the repair has taken place only when your customer noifies you their phone lines are working again, after an entire business day without service.

What NUSO has built: A truly UNIQUE solution

NUSOflex is a software solution that completely routes around telephony disasters.

The solution is designed, tested, and monitored by real networking teams that want to keep your end users safe.

Ask us how!

Ensure uninterrupted voice service for your business with NUSOflex!

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