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The Visionary Spotlight Award Goes to NUSOflex

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NUSOflex, engineered to provide redundancy for local inbound calls, was honored with the 2023 Visionary Spotlight Award by ChannelVision Magazine.

The ChannelVision Magazine Visionary Spotlight Awards competition highlights both channel and service provider innovations in communications technology. The awards recognize outstanding products, services and deployments across multiple categories. Award winners exemplify the communications industry’s pace of rapid innovation. Winning entries show off a wealth of opportunities for channel partners to boost their role as trusted service providers.

Redundancy = Reliability

a diagram showing the four stages of Redundancy and reliability geographic redundancy inbound Outbound calling for callsNUSOflex automatically routes around local voice service impairments, providing redundancy on local inbound voice calls carried over the PSTN. With NUSOflex, end users have four layers of redundancy for voice calling, delivering unparalleled reliability.

  1. Geographic Redundancy
  2. Outbound Calling Redundancy
  3. Network Redundancy
  4. Inbound Calling Redundancy

Only NUSO delivers all four layers for voice calls, including redundancy in Local Inbound Calling with NUSOflex.

2023 Visionary Spotlight Awards

This year’s award winners were selected in recognition of their innovative solutions, emerging technologies, and their reliance on secondary distribution channels. 

“All of us at ChannelVision Magazine congratulate this year’s honorees,” said Berge Kaprelian, founder of Beka Business Media, publisher of the ChannelVision magazine. “Our judges were impressed by the pioneering solutions created and highlighted in the Top Innovation, Best Emerging Technologies, and Cybersecurity categories, as well as the industry’s understanding of just how important the channel is to its continued success.” 

Redundancy for Local Inbound Calls

While redundancy for outbound and toll-free voice calls is expected with any reputable phone service provider, a local inbound voice call can still be impacted by a local network event. When traditional carrier networks have impairments in their local networks, end-user businesses carry the burden. Inbound calls to the business may be intermittent or down entirely. 

Redundancy on local numbers?
Leaving any phone numbers reliant on a single network creates a system vulnerability.

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When these impairments occur, end users are typically presented with the option to call in a trouble ticket and play the waiting game until an “upstream change has been made,” or worse, subjected to a porting process. Either option results in lost time, lost revenue, and poor customer service.

Identifying this need for redundancy on local inbound voice calls, NUSO developed NUSOflex, a unique solution that mitigates and routes around local inbound voice impairments. NUSOflex extends the concept of cloud computing infrastructure to the PSTN environment by leveraging multiple PSTN onramps and network components for dynamic meshed connectivity. 

An Evergreen Solution for Voice Calling

Machine Learning provides a key component of the feedback loop to improve the forecasting and recognition capabilities of the solution. NUSOflex operates as an “evergreen solution,” designed to evolve with emerging telecom technologies and infrastructure. NUSO’s engineers and network teams are tasked with continuously monitoring  and implementing updates to NUSOflex to enhance overall performance.

NUSOflex makes an operational “what if” a reality, helping businesses ensure phones remain operational in the event of a local network impairment or outage. Only NUSO delivers redundancy for outbound, toll free, AND local inbound calls.


ChannelVision is a bi-monthly magazine and website read by channel partners selling all manner of voice, data, access, managed and business services — both on premise and in the cloud — as well as technology gear and equipment, primarily in the small/medium business space.

NUSOflex, Award-Winning Telephony

Earlier this year, NUSOflex received the 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award from TMC. The judges were impressed by the solution’s ability to address local, inbound voice service impairments, an industry first. 

To learn more about NUSOflex, or any of NUSO’s full stack solutions, visit the NUSOflex webpage and contact us.