Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, have more opportunities to grow with the increased productivity of end-users. Since 2020, businesses have gone through a lot. Those companies that were able to transition to remote work found that their business not only survived the shutdown but thrived and even saw an increase in productivity from their remote team. 

MSPs Can Help Business Productivity Through Their Collaborative Platforms 

Companies have turned the business lemons the pandemic served up into lemonade. While workers were sent to work from home, businesses created an efficient machine to help assure they were able to complete business tasks. In fact, business productivity is up 47% since 2020 and continuing that trend. 

One of the biggest business-promoting factors adopted over the past year is a cloud-based communications system. Cloud-based platforms support collaboration more than traditional forms of communication. 

Employees that were sent home to work remotely had no choice but to quickly learn how to be productive using new-to-them platforms and technologies. The great thing about these platforms is their simple-to-use functionality. Workers quickly became proficient in these platforms that housed video conferencing, voice, and messaging. 

Remote Workers Are Productive Workers 

It’s interesting to note that due to the speed of the pandemic-induced shut-down, businesses went through a “survival of the fittest” competition. Companies that were either prepared for remote work options or companies that were flexible were able to continue their operations. While, unfortunately, those companies that could not, closed their doors for good. 

Remote workers have also had to quickly adapt, as they were the ones who had to utilize these platforms. Due to their flexibility and impressive skills, these workers have been able to request permanent remote status. With these workers remaining remote, collaborative platforms also remain a highly integral part of businesses. 

In the last year and a half, employers learned that if employees are given the right tools, they can be just as productive, if not more so than when they were working from the office.   

MSPs have the unique opportunity to continue supporting businesses through their growth. Now that things are headed “back to normal,” businesses are looking to add to their workforce. As employers scale their companies to support new workers (whether they are in-office or remote), they can trust their cloud-based communications to support their business. 

As their client’s business grows, MSPs can educate their customers on features of their platforms that businesses might not have been utilizing to the fullest extent. This education creates a trusting relationship between the MSPs and their clients. 

MSPs Can Leverage New Features to Grow Their Business 

Now that you are aware that the market is in a healthy place, you want to encourage your customers to capitalize on the upswing. Your job as MSPs is to offer your clients the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to increase productivity. These platforms should include unified communications technology. These platforms are ideal for collaboration, which is exactly what your clients need to flourish. 

While cloud-based platforms are what keep businesses running, they are always evolving and adding new features. Your job is to keep your clients informed about these updates and new features. When you establish yourself as an expert that they can trust to keep them at the forefront of communications, your business will grow from its positive reputation. 

After the trauma we all went through since March of 2020, it’s time to focus on the positive outcomes of the pandemic. Your customers have the opportunity to capitalize on the increased productivity of their employees using cloud-based communication platforms. 

NUSO’s MSPs Come Out on Top 

NUSO offers you the most innovative cloud-based communications on the market. We are constantly working on improving our platforms to ensure that MSPs have the best offerings available. We design our platforms with your customers in mind. So, they are easy to use, customer-friendly, and ready to support their needs. Contact us today to discuss our full line of cloud-based communications platforms that you should be offering to your clients.