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Our cloud products help businesses of every size, and our powerful platform is designed to give your business everything you need to grow with easy-to-use cloud communications tools. NUSO business phone and cloud products will help your teams communicate better.

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The award honors the most innovative unified communications products and solutions available over the past twelve months as judged by the editors of TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

Work from the Office, Home, or the Road with Unified Communications

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We deliver several advantages for organizations including increased productivity, cost savings, higher customer satisfaction, and improved responsiveness all within our secure, intuitive platform.

CRM Integration

Your customers no longer have to worry about switching from different apps just to work together. Our Unified Communications platform includes enterprise grade voice, secure video conferencing, contact centers, and collaboration tools.

Unified Communications empowers your business to work anywhere, anytime with Phone, Instant Messaging, Video, Conference, and Collaboration with over 200 features designed to power your company’s communications seamlessly.

NUSO’s cloud-based contact center provides the necessary tools for customer service teams without unnecessary complexity or costs.

NUSO SIP Trunking offers significant cost savings while enabling enhanced customization and flexibility. Connect your legacy phone system to modern tools and features.

A cloud messaging application that allows your customers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from any number, including traditional landlines and toll-free numbers.


A cloud-based enterprising messaging application that lets your customers send and receive text messages from any number. With custom branding white label enterprise features, there are many ways for any business to grow.

Instant Messaging

Messaging means instant and easy communication. Open Market conducted a survey that found that at least 75% of Millennials would prefer text messages when it comes to scheduling/verifying appointments, deliveries, and even coupons.


Enhance your customers’ engagement with messaging with P2P and A2P features which allows them to send and receive messages quickly, reliably and securely. Providing you access to a network that will allow custom integrations via APIs in our CPaaS platform.

NUSO provides total access for our customers, giving them the ability to work from the office, home, or the road through our desktop and mobile applications. This allows improved productivity by connecting employees across a single building or across the world. Our tools help companies work in real-time by hosting meetings, changing presentations, or using our integrated whiteboard for brainstorming.


NUSO also enables work flexibility by giving our users the power to connect from the office, home, or the road.


Screen share tools make it possible for individuals to work together without having to worry about paperwork or sending emails back and forth. Now anyone can get straight to work with a simple click of a button in the collaborative tool.

Scheduled Meetings

Schedules allow you to select a date and time for the event in advance, as well as make a list of participants. The system will automatically establish a video conference and invite participants. It is also possible to automate the recurrence of the event.

Scaled meetings

Up to 100 participants per meeting

NUSO IPFax is easy, secure, and convenient. Streamline your workplace, and never pay for fax equipment again. Easily fax documents too large for email like presentations, contracts, or user guides.

Fax over ATA

A telephone adapter (ATA) connects a standard telephone to a computer or network so that the user can make or receive Internet calls. Converting an analog fax signal into a VoIP signal is the most advanced and reliable method of ensuring the highest quality fax transmission available today.

  • Business Phone for desktop, mobile
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Real-time Collaboration tools

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