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ASI Telecom

This NUSO Partner Spotlight shares insights from our partner, Tom Massengill, President of ASI, about cloud phone systems and the evolving definition of “remote” work in today’s business landscape. ASI Telecom designs and implements complete structured cabling and networking infrastructure, including business telephone platforms, data cabling, and security systems for organizations and businesses of all sizes throughout Northeast Mississippi.

In This Edition of the NUSO Partner Spotlight

  • ASI & Security Services
  • Their Client Base
  • How We Advertise
  • Push to the Cloud
  • Getting Started with NUSO
  • Winning!
  • Partnership with NUSO
  • ASI – What’s Next?
  • Growing ASI

NUSO collaborates with our Partners to deliver enterprise-class cloud communications solutions (SaaS) and CPaaS enablement to organizations and businesses of all sizes. 

Selected Excerpts from the Video

SIP Trunking & Cloud

“ASI started out selling Samsung phone systems and continued that all the way through 2018. We had a good relationship with those guys but my sales rep, who had been with me for about 10 years, called me up one day and said, ‘Hey, I’ve gotten fired. Samsung has let everybody go. They let all the outside reps go and kept one sales engineer.’

We started thinking about what this looked like for us, because I did not want to get into the IP world. Samsung had their proprietary offering called the SCM. It was built with their own technology and their own coding rather than using the aster basis. We just had a really bad taste in our mouth about it. 

We’re all telephone guys. We like POTs lines. We like having a digital phone system. We like hanging a phone on a system where that phone knows it’s a phone when you plug it in. It’s not like that in the IP world. There, you plug a phone in and it goes, ‘I don’t know what I am.’ You have to tell it.

We wanted to find another way. We tried an old legacy product, the vendor guaranteed us it was a system good through 2025. We realized about a year into that deal that we weren’t doing ASI or our customers any favors with that system.

That’s when we started doing SIP Trunking, connecting a premise-based system into the digital network. Then we had a couple of customers who didn’t want to spend the money on SIP Trunking, so we started tinkering around with the Cloud. 

I got to thinking, if 70% of the systems sold now nationwide are cloud-based, and that’s from a two-phone system to a 2000-phone system, everybody can’t be wrong. So I had to restructure my thinking – let’s figure out how to make this work rather than fight against it.

We still do both, the hybrid systems where we bring SIP Trunks in and sell the hardware. There are times when that’s the best fit. And there are times when the Cloud is the best fit. We work with the customer to figure out what they need and sell it to them.”

Expanding Broadband & NUSO

“As broadband becomes more accessible, it opens up a lot of opportunities for other kinds of cloud-based products. No question it’s going to be really interesting as we go forward. I think the only good thing that I can see in North Mississippi that came out of Covid is the government putting so much money in a fiber backbone.

We have towns in rural Mississippi with 300 people that have better internet access than people in downtown Tupelo, which is about 50,000. There was an acceleration of technology, about a 70% jump to Cloud services over the last year. It’s pretty significant, so that also tells me that ASI just has, not only the ability to adapt to new technologies, but to move pretty quickly and serve clients in the ways that they are asking to be served. 

Since we’ve gone with NUSO we’ve had zero trouble. It seemed with the other SIP Trunk provider we worked with, I spent half of my life with their billing department. I’m spending all my time – time I should be taking care of customers and making their lives better – fixing a problem that I didn’t have any control over. With NUSO, we’ve not had that issue at all. The billing has been spot on every time.

It’s just been a good relationship with NUSO and I see it moving forward with more and more business down the road.” 

Mobility and the Remote Worker

“Most of the guys that work here at ASI are 55 to 60, but I’ve got a couple of these, I call them My Nerds. They’re my nerds and they’ve pushed me toward the new technology, to realizing that’s what we needed to do. We found out there’s so many things with new technology that allows us to serve our customers better.

Prime example: I never imagined a cell phone app would be a big deal. I thought my customers are not going to buy into that. Come to find out they really do. When you can call from your cell phone and it shows the business caller ID, well, the bottom line is you’re providing a service  to doctors. These guys are on call all the time, but they don’t want to give out their cell phone because once patients have your cell phone number, you’re done.

If you travel and you need to get in touch, like if I’m gone and Wendy, our secretary, answers the phone she can one-touch send that call to my phone. I didn’t realize how important that would be to my customers. That’s what I love about my customers, I learn from them, it seems like every day. There’s something else they need? With the technology that we have available to us, we’ll figure out a way to make it work.

Enabling Mobility is a big deal. I think over the last few years, the concept of a remote worker was talked about a lot just as a result of the pandemic. However, separate from that, say you run a HVAC company or you have a plumbing business, whatever. For workers, boots on the ground, to have the ability on their mobile device to separate their personal mobile number from the business that they’re either working for or involved in, is incredibly relevant to businesses across the board, not just knowledge workers or folks that sit in front of their laptop all day long in their home.

The ability to provide that kind of service is, I think it’s been important, but is becoming more and more important. When you read about the remote worker, the image that pops into people’s minds is the 29-year-old Tech worker who’s sitting at a laptop at their house. 

Okay yes, that’s a remote worker, but so is the HVAC technician. So is the plumber. So is the doctor who is working in multiple hospitals. They’re actually a remote worker for part of the time. There are tons and tons of non-tech workers who we should consider remote workers because they’re representing the business outside of sitting at a desk.”

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