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Ichthys IT Services

This NUSO Partner Spotlight shares insights from our partner, Thom Fiorini, Founder and Systems Engineer of Ichthys IT Services, about cloud communications and digital infrastructure technology. Ichthys provides IT services throughout the Western Massachusetts and Central Connecticut region.

In This Edition of the NUSO Partner Spotlight

  • Ichthys – Service is Everything!
  • Moving from Cloud to On-Premise?
  • Night & Day: The Support Differentiator
  • A Medical Practice: Reliability Impacts Everyone
  • AI Creep
  • Being a Managed SERVICE Provider

NUSO collaborates with our Partners to deliver enterprise-class cloud communications solutions (SaaS) and CPaaS enablement to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Selected Excerpts from the Video

Service is Everything for Ichthys

We are a small company that focuses on serving small businesses. Our niche is in the professional services space, so we work with doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, insurance agents, architects, and engineers. 

We ideally target companies with under 100 employees because we prioritize a very personal approach. We do have some larger clients and offer co-managed services, but the heart of our business lies in serving smaller companies.

Excellent service is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to truly understand our clients’ needs and provide solutions that meet them, not just sell them products or services they don’t need. We take pride in building relationships and taking care of our clients. 

“Don’t chase the dollar!
Build and maintain relationships and the dollars will come.”

I’m a Christian, I want my company to reflect those values. I don’t know how else to describe it other than we just want to take care of them. That’s the heart of our business. 

Ichthys has grown from what I would call very humble beginnings, just some guy trying to make a living, to what we are today with clients that span Massachusetts and Connecticut. We strive to go the extra mile for our clients, and that’s what has fueled our growth. 

Tools, Not Additional Work

Smaller firms are typically founded by people who are experts in their fields. Their core competency lies in their area of expertise, not IT. They view IT as tools to help them do their jobs more effectively. This is where Ichthys comes in. 

We offer them the IT tools and expertise they lack, allowing them to focus on their core business, whether it’s legal work, insurance, medical services, or anything else they specialize in. It’s a great way to bridge the gap and bring IT services into the real world.

It takes genuine care to ensure IT tools work seamlessly for the client. That’s a key differentiator between MSPs and the big companies. We view ourselves as facilitators, similar to plumbers who come in, fix the issue, and leave without much fanfare. The focus is on keeping the client’s business running smoothly.

“Infrastructure should be invisible and frictionless.”

This deepens our connection and ensures we genuinely care about the client’s problems. This approach isn’t some marketing strategy, it’s just a natural outcome of providing excellent service and building relationships with your clients.

Reliability Impacts Everyone!

We believe that our clients’ livelihood depends upon us doing good work. So, for example: 

  • If my architect client with 15 users has a system screw-up because of us, that’s 15 families who might suddenly face a real economic crisis. 
  • A medical practice with 250 users could have not only the employees’ economic well-being impacted, but also patient care disrupted. 

When something fails, the impact snowballs because of how interconnected we are now. It’s not just the architect, the accountant, or the medical provider – it’s also everyone who goes there, especially with HIPAA information involved. If there’s a failure in the chain because of interconnectedness, that failure spreads and impacts a lot of people.

“We are so interconnected today that failure impacts everyone –
vendor, MSP, client and all of its customers.”

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. We genuinely want to serve our clients well, and that’s why we never chase the dollar. If it’s the right product for you and what you need, we put it in. But if it’s not, we’ll tell you straight up.

You mentioned we talk a lot about “why” – why we do what we do. It’s not about security services or managed IT. It’s about enabling all the people involved with our clients to have successful lives. That’s the cool part. Honestly, if I was fixing cars or even delivering mail, I would hope to have the same attitude.

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