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This NUSO Partner Spotlight shares insights from our partners, Joe McCartney and Taylor McCartney of Pioneer-360, about the importance of customer service and support for Managed Service Providers (MSP). As the winner of the Channel Futures MSP of the Year Award, Pioneer-360 knows a thing or two about the topic. In fact, Joe McCartney, founder, CEO & President of Pioneer-360, is a recipient of the Channel Futures Lifetime Achievement Award.

In This Edition of the NUSO Partner Spotlight

  • The Origin of Pioneer-360
  • The Evolution of Services
  • What Makes Pioneer-360 Apart
  • Success Stories
  • True Partners
  • Ever Changing Technology
  • The Impact of AI
  • The NUSO Relationship
  • NUSO vs Other Vendors
  • What’s Next

NUSO collaborates with our Partners to deliver enterprise-class cloud communications solutions (SaaS) and CPaaS enablement to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Selected Excerpts from the Video

The Service in Manage Service Provider

“We Partner with our clients. It’s not delivery and done. One of our big goals is to be present and visible. 

We send technicians out as much as we can because we want a partner relationship. One based on trust. When it comes to implementations, we like to do the heavy lifting for our clients so they don’t have to. 

If a fishy email comes in, we want our clients to call us instead of guessing it’s okay and clicking something they really shouldn’t. We don’t want to just be the IT people you call when something’s already breaking and on fire. That’s a key reason why we try to partner with people.”

Redundancy & Disaster Recovery

“Redundancy and scalability are super important. Knowing our client’s business continuity will not be impacted is the whole point of leveraging multiple technologies, or multiple systems, redundant systems. Redundancy is extremely important. 

It’s a simple matter of a server going down and being able to quickly spin up new servers. Be it an application server or a domain controller, it’s critical to operations. Most organizations don’t have the capability of having hot sites. Cloud-based services have really transformed how we’re starting to revamp most clients. Being able to spin up new servers, transfer information, and have them ready in literally just a few minutes after another server goes down is extremely important.

Telephone systems are just one example. Organizations have Zoom™ or Microsoft Teams™ as part of their communications and phone platforms. Those work from servers, so whether it’s internal or external, we like to make sure those multitask platforms are built with layers of redundancy.

Add in the fact that we all now work dynamically from different locations. Being able to pick up a laptop, walk out the door, go down the street to the library, coffee shop, home, wherever, and continue to pick up where you left off is a big benefit of cloud-based communications and platforms in general.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is incredibly important to most organizations. It’s a huge issue. If for any reason your building is unavailable – fire, flood, electrical issue, or the power is just completely out in the building – you have a way of working with a good business continuity plan. 

Your workers can work from home or another location. They know they can get into their cloud-based servers and applications, or just plug in a new cell phone from another location and have instant communications. It lets your people work without worrying about the brick-and-mortar location.”

The Impact of Artificial intelligence 

“Our customers are curious about AI and how to leverage it for business. 

The key thing to understand is that AI has been created and it’s being fed by flawed people. You have to make sure that even though you’re going to use AI, you want to follow up and make sure that the information you’re being given is good and accurate. It’s still your responsibility, you know.

Just because you create a document with AI, and it’s AI generated entirely, you can’t just sling that information out there like it’s gospel. It’s like everything else on the internet, you have to make sure what you’re pushing out there is accurate. 

We’ve all been utilizing this AI technology for several years now. It’s in everything from Netflix to a lot of your Google applications. It’s Siri on your iPhone. AI-based technology is just being stepped into, most apps are going to have some form of it.

People are so curious about AI. It’s cool to see. We’re being asked to give a lot of speeches here locally in Rotary meetings and different organizations and educational forums. People who, maybe, have been unaware they’ve been using it, are now wanting to know more about it. 

We emphasize the importance of reviewing and tweaking anything you generate with AI for the human perspective. It’s a very cool tool. I’m super excited to see how people are going to leverage it.

NUSOflex and hand holding communications applications.We all talk about AI, but I’m not sure how many people actually realize NUSOflex is a product with AI baked right into it. We use AI to look at all these statistics from across the United States, billions and billions of calls and traffic segments in minutes. NUSOflex automatically shifts calls around the busiest areas where there might be interruptions. It’s like avoiding traffic accidents with Google Maps or some other app.

The topic of AI has brought a lot of non-technical people into technical conversations. It’s understandable, given firsthand experiences with things like Netflix recommendations, Siri and Alexa. 

And then there’s the danger. Regulations are just starting to catch up. Don’t know if you saw this, but the FCC made AI generated voices illegal in any kind of robocall. Interesting times!”

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NUSO Partner Spotlight Series

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