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NUSO Voted Best Revenue Booster 2023 at ChannelPro

NUSO was proud to be selected as the Best Revenue Booster by the 2023 ChannelPro SMB Forum attendees, a two-day, in-person event held in Chicago.

Throughout the event, attendees voted for their choices on presentations, specific categories of solutions, community, and more. After attendees had a chance to speak with our team, examine our solutions, and share their experiences, NUSO was voted Best Revenue Booster.

Our Goal Is Simple

NUSO Enables Integrated Customer and Partner Experiences

NUSO creates unique experiences through our easy-to-use cloud communication tools for Small and Medium-sized businesses, as well as Enterprise level organizations exclusively through our Partners. We enable integrated customer and partner experiences. Our business communications tools are built to deliver unique solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We think enterprise-level communications are for businesses of all sizes, which is why NUSO provides easy-to-use cloud communication tools for Small, Medium, and Enterprise level organizations exclusively through our Partners. Our all-in-one phone and communication platform helps keep your customers and employees better connected.

Our  Unified Communications (UC) cloud solutions help businesses of every size, and our powerful platform is designed to give your business everything you need to grow. NUSO business phone and cloud solutions will help your teams communicate better.

We take the time to listen and understand your needs. We provide solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs, so you can focus on running yours.

Communicate and collaborate with your coworkers, clients, and colleagues from anywhere in the world.

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Partners and Customers Agree: NUSO’s Support Is Unmatched

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Unlike other companies, we don’t designate “standard” or “premium” support levels based on what you pay. All NUSO Partners and Customers receive the same level of priority support and fast resolution at no extra cost.

Fast resolution. Proactive support. We’re here to help with any issue or question you have. You won’t have to leave a message, sit on hold, or call someone in another country to get the help you need. Our Certified Technicians are knowledgeable and trained to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. We’re happy to help you and your customers get back to work 24/7.

97% +

Over 97% of customers rate NUSO Customer Service as “GREAT

Redundancy & Reliability

NUSO’s reliability is built on multiple, redundant data centers to ensure you always have a connection.


94% of all calls are answered in less than 60 seconds by a live technician