Partnering with NUSO Enables You to Help Your Customers When Disaster Strikes

The possibility of natural or man-made disasters can cause anxiety for you, your business, and your customers. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease if you knew you could count on a disaster recovery partner that would continue to support critical business services…even during a crisis?

image of homes before and after disaster with text Disaster Can Occur at Any Time. Be Crisis Prepared with NUSO

Disaster Can Occur at Any Time. Be Crisis Prepared with NUSO.

With the midwestern floods of Spring behind us, and hurricane season right around the corner, it’s essential to be prepared regardless of your region. Wildfires across the Southwestern United States continue to burn this summer. The ongoing drought and record temperatures compound to create the perfect storm of fire risk with just one spark. These natural disasters impact hundreds of businesses annually. The best partners employ a strong disaster strategy before these episodes take place.


NUSO solutions can keep your clients operational during the worst of times. Our clients have found that trusting a partner for business continuity can increase knowledge and insight to make better decisions before disaster strikes.

When a large insurance agency was hit by a tornado, their employees couldn’t return to the office to process claims for their clients in the same community. They were able to use a customized solution created by NUSO to re-route calls to an alternate office in a different town. This custom solution enabled their employees to work from home or temporary locations, so they could help their customers get back on their feet. The preconfigured disaster solution eliminated any downtime allowing the insurance company to provide excellent service during a crisis.

NUSO solutions can keep your clients operational during the worst of times. Whether it is using features that engage failover automatically, rerouting calls to unaffected areas to preserve continuity, or utilizing a business class texting solution, protecting your client’s business is imperative. Contact your Channel Account Manager for a variety of customizable solutions.

Disasters happen all the time. Whether they are a result of natural disasters or created through accidental or intentional acts, they can cause serious damage to livelihoods, property, and human lives. This is why businesses need to be prepared for sudden changes in their operations.

You supply a critical service or product to your customers. If a disaster were to strike, you want to be sure they will still be able to get what they need from you. You want peace of mind that you can still help them when they need it regardless of the situation.

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